BITS Pilani: A Pathway for Higher Education in Science & Technology

As a BITS Pilani special area, science and technology include a breadth of programs, covering biotechnology, life sciences, physical sciences, animal and plant science, and information technology that can be searched in almost any sphere, from the government to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals. The following article offers a high-level overview of the many degree courses within science and technology, information on the significant sectors of opportunity, a discussion of common skills, and give your pathway an ignite for higher education in science and technology.

The BITS Pilani is one of the best institutes for higher education. The primary motive of BITS is to lead young women and men to be able to put their ideas into action in technology and information systems. The institute has been ranked 6th by TOI Rankings 2021 and 26 by NIRF 2021 for its B.E. Courses.

Birla Institute of Technology and Science provides the highest quality technical education to candidates from all over India who are admitted on the basis of merit. Graduates who pass out from BITS Pilani spread out successfully throughout the globe in all sectors of science, commerce, and engineering. BITS symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and can-do entrepreneurial spirit as derived from the private sector.

Biological Science from BITS

Biological science is an interdisciplinary sector of study that has applications in multiple sectors, such as ecology, immunology, biology, medicine and conservation. EST or Environmental Science Technicians are research experts tasked with investigating the sources of environmental hazards, like water contamination and pollution. Working under the supervision of an environmental scientist, technicians are responsible for the quality of tasks. Responsibilities vary from accumulating samples to analyse water quality in a lake to performing logical tests to know radon in a commercial building. Enlarged public awareness of environmental concerns, coupled with the loss of natural resources through population growth is expected to produce a 19% growth in employment chances nationwide between 2012 and 2022. 

BITS: Information Technology

Information technology is a BITS Pilani’s expertise dealing with the use of networking and computers to generate, process, and store electronic data.

Software Developers use programming languages to create, develop, and build software code, and applications that run on websites, computers, mobiles, networks, and other computing systems. A highly technical area is commonly separated into two specialties: software development, and system and application development. Developers may choose to focus on a certain programming language or technology – like mobile applications, or databases. BITS Pilani Job opportunities are projected to surpass 20 percent nationally for both specializations.

Successful Science and Technology Profession: Tools, Credential, Skill, and Technology


The skills to think logically, and work freely and problem solving are highly valued in the workplace today and serve as the foundation for the best career in the BITs Pilani Science or Technology sectors. Fruitfully, science and technology, prospective candidates and professionals must criteria strong skills in the following sectors:

Mathematical skills

Though the study in such fields demands a basic understanding of the mathematical idea, most occupations in these sectors require students to have the best knowledge of math and the ability to handle measurements and calculations easily. 

Organizational Ability

Scientific research demands the management of information and individuals in this space. They should be able to gather, maintain, and process data, collected from other sources in an organized fashion.

Technical skills

An understanding of software and computers, along with the skill to troubleshoot technical problems are valued skills across many occupations in these sectors.

Communication skills

Speaking and presentation, editing, and writing are central to scientific – and technology-based jobs. Because of the complex nature of each sector, individuals in this area should be able to communicate effectively to both non-technical and technical audiences.

Management skills

Students in this sector should be information-oriented with the best time management ability. They need to know how to organize projects and plans, delegate responsibilities, and work with others.

BITS Vision

Their obligation to transparency and weight on equivalent chances has been a key contributing component behind their development as an establishment of national repute. The thorough admission measure remunerates sheer legitimacy and guarantees that only the inspired aspirants join them. The educational courses are continuously being innovated and refreshed to reflect the new developments in trends and technology within the industry. Pure academics are enhanced by inescapable industry commitment and each candidate is presented to the practical application of study under an organized semester-long commitment program.

Placements and Salary Packages offered at BITS

According to the BITS Pilani report of placement 2014, 1002 candidates (Overall of 1060 applicants in the batch) opted for campus selection placement. BITS Pilani’s highest salary package was INR 40 lakh, the average salary package was INR 9.75 lakh while the lower placement package was INR 2, 75, 000. For international job offers, the biggest salary package was $108,000, the average salary placement was $64,000 and the lowest salary package was $13,000.

BITS Pilani a platform for International Education

BITS works towards internationalizing the domain of education. Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani has signed up with other universities around the world to serve education at global standards. Moreover, candidates of BITS Pilani have been pursuing thesis work at renowned institutions such as the University of Stuttgart, Max Planck University, National University of Singapore, and Concordia University, Magdeburg University. BITS Pilani has also tied up international ties with several universities and companies in the eminent sectors to escalate its educational quality. 

To ensure complete transparency in candidate intake in the undergraduate program, BITSAT has been instituted, based fully on the online tests. BITSAT examines candidates on their knowledge of Chemistry and physics, and their Aptitude for Mathematics. Birla Institute also has a part on Logical Reasoning and English to assess a student’s intelligence and capability.

According to the education and industry specialists, BITS Pilani is always at par with the superiority of education they offer. So, if you have selected the best, BITS Pilani, you can simply be at peace to experience a journey of comfort loaded with benefits of excellent learning that is all set to become a future launching platform to its candidates.


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