Did you Know About the Shit Bus?

Point to worry

Every now and then, screens of TV and mobile phones flash up the news of depleting the mineral resources. Petrol and diesel across the country are at their highest stakes. And still, the amount of automobiles has been uninterruptedly elevating. This has become a topic to gossip about. In such scenario, have you ever thought of what shall be done to compensate the repercussions?

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People have to travel for their living. But at the end of the day, they also have a tête-à-tête over a cup of coffee on excavating a solution for this problem. But have you ever imagined going natural? No. No. We are not talking about Natural Gas. Something which is more natural… like human feces? Yes. You read it right. Human poop as a fuel! You will go wow to know that a bus service in the United Kingdom runs a bus on human feces called as a shit bus.


The shit bus, running in the lap of Britain is the reason behind multiple headlines and attracting numerous people from across the world to adopt completely natural thoroughfares. It runs on bio-methane gas generated by the human sewage produced at the sewage treatment plant and as per the sources, it takes in the annual waste of 5 people to full the tank. This bio-bus possesses 40 seats and can run across the range of 186 miles on a full tank. It proffers a service as a shuttle between the city of Bath and the Bristol Airport along with the other routes.


This ‘poo bus’ is the first one to carve its own crevice in Britain but Norway took up the bio-methane idea several years ago. And it’s also been used in Germany and Sweden. The U. S Energy Department preferred to call it as ‘renewable natural gas’. If this concept is adopted by India, not all but few problems will undoubtedly be solved and also there will be no way left that fuel tank will go empty, ever!

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