8 Tips To Tackle Online Lectures & Stress Management

At the present moment, with the ongoing pandemic and having to stay in and attend online classes, cases of depression and issues of mental health have shot up. Not only is it a lot harder to pay attention in class right now, trying to study in a home environment with innumerable distractions around us and the overloading of assignments along with exam pressure also leads to the problems of high-stress levels.

Listed below are a few ways to ensure you make the best out of online classes and keep your mental health in check.

1. Wake Up At Least 2 Hours Before Your Class

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Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up early does wonders for your mental stability. Waking up before enough time for your class allows you to not rush anything in the morning, have a full breakfast, and revise your notes before class begins. This leads to a regular study habit and doesn’t cause problems right before the exams and brings out all your doubts beforehand.

2. Keep Yourself Disciplined And Accountable

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Online classes are still classes and should not be viewed a something that can be procrastinated. Keep a designated area purely for studying and working, and do not study on your bed. Your bed is a place for you to rest and recharge and, best advised to be kept that way. Your study area will keep you motivated to work the moment you sit down, ensuring the procrastination level goes down and productivity increases. If your phone is too distracting, but you still require it for work, there are dedicated apps that lock you out of social media applications for a certain period of time.

3. Keep Your Options Flexible

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There is always an option of connectivity issues with online classes leading you to miss important notices and information. Hence, keep all your documents and notes downloaded beforehand not to run into any problems later. This is also the best moment to take advantage of tutorial classes. If you missed anything due to connection issues, it can be best asked here and always attend these classes as it also acts as a revision for everything you’ve learned till now.

4. Try To Be As Social As Possible

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With no face-to-face conversation, at times of trouble, you’ll have to face it by yourself. It’s best to be as social as possible and keep a check of everything with the help of a friend. Remember, everyone is going through the same issue of having to attend online classes, so use it as a means to get closer to your peers as they can help you with assignments, study material, and sometimes even personal problems.

5. Manage Your Time Wisely

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Keeping a set timetable and following it most of the time will allow you to have enough time for assignments, studying, and personal hobbies, which won’t increase your stress later. You can physically journal it down or go the digital way and use Google Calendar or similar apps. Ensure which time of the day is highly feasible for being productive and use it in your favor. Learn how to take short power naps as it’s one of the best ways to recharge if studying for long hours.

6. Be Kind To Yourself

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Spending the whole day hunched up in front of a screen is rough for the body and brain. Take small breaks every hour – walk around, go for a jog, take a coffee break, and don’t forget to drink water. If you have a pet, they’re the best to reduce stress, so play for a reasonable amount of time with them. If you’re feeling really down, take one day off to rejuvenate and recharge yourself and come back energetic the next day.

7. Participate As Much As Possible During Class

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If the situation allows, switch on your camera, and answer and ask questions often. Not only does it make paying attention to class a lot easier, but it also puts you in the good books of the teachers, and they will be more willing to help you in the future. It will also improve your learning ability, and you won’t have to cram everything later, as participating in classroom discussions ensures you won’t forget the retained information very easily.

8. Put In The Work

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Completing assignments on time is easily possible with proper time management. If there is no reason, then don’t skip classes just for that extra sleep. Sleeping early at night will give enough time for that. Stay connected to your professors and peers and maintain regular communication. These small extra efforts go a long way.

Online classes are one of the main reasons for mental instability in students during the pandemic. The given tips will ensure you won’t carry any unnecessary stress and keep your mental health stable and make the best out of your time studying online. Remember, this time will eventually pass, and it’s all temporary.

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