How to Pull Off an Eclectic Decorating Style

One of the reasons that pulling off eclectic style in decorating is difficult is because it is a hard style to define. It can mean a lot of different things because it’s all about bringing your own personality out in your home decor.

The eclectic style involves using a little bit of everything without it looking like chaos. When done right, eclectic style is fun, interesting, yet still comforting. 

Although eclectic style boasts the ability to break all rules, it actually does involve following a certain set of intentions. 

Here are the “rules” of decorating with an eclectic style

Mix Textures and Patterns

To fully immerse your home in an eclectic style you should include a variety of textures and patterns in your decor.

When choosing furniture, you should search out primarily pieces that you love, regardless of pattern and textures. Secondarily, you should search out pieces that are interesting in a visual and tactile manner.

Avoid monochromatic patterns and instead focus on incorporating interesting fabrics and artwork.

Mixing textures that are rough and smooth, bumpy and soft, and everything in between will most definitely add to the eclectic style of the room. 

To combat the diversity of texture and patterns and to bring about some harmony to the home, incorporate the next heading…

Have a Color Palette

The best way to domesticate the wildness of the eclectic style is by choosing a consistent color palette in each room and throughout the home.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may feel like you could easily pick your main color but adding to this with complementary colors can be difficult. 

Read 15 tips from designers on how to do this here and make sure you pull it off perfectly. 

Be Predictably Unpredictable

To go with an eclectic style you have to go all in. You can’t give up halfway through. If you have even one room that doesn’t meet the standards of eclectic style, you can ruin the whole vibe.

Eclectic style lives on a spectrum. You can be slightly eclectic or extremely eclectic. Whatever your personal level of eclectic style, keep it consistent throughout your home. 

Make It Livable

No matter what pieces or colors you choose to fill your home, you need to be able to live with your choices or more precisely in your choices. 

It’s important that you don’t forget to make your home not just aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and inviting. This is your home, not a picture in a magazine.

It may take some trial and error with your eclectic style to figure out what feels like home to you. Keep an open mind when you make a decision or place a new piece of decor in the house.

Allow yourself to live with it for a few days before deciding if you want it to be a permanent part of your decor. You never know how much something will grow on you and start to feel like home in a flash.

If you find that the opposite is true and a part of your decor is beginning to get on your nerves, don’t be afraid to give it the boot. 

Display Your Personality

The whole idea behind the eclectic style is showcasing your personality through carefully curated pieces that speak to you. The challenge is how to combine these pieces in a harmonious but eclectic way.

To fill your home with an eclectic style that is truly yours may take years to do as you find new pieces. Really, an eclectic home is an ever-evolving piece of art. 

When you endeavor to fill your home with an eclectic decor, you will need to have patience and be aware that you may never feel like your style is fully complete. 

After all, if an eclectic style showcases who you are and what speaks to you, it will periodically change as you do. 

Bring In Nature and Culture

An eclectic home will include a variety of pieces from all over the world and from nature. This only adds to the charm and visual interest that is typical of an eclectic style.

When you mix cultures, your home will be a truly authentic melange of style. 

Venetian masks, quality Argentinian leather, hand-painted Moroccan pots and bowls, Turkish copper wares, and German beer steins; these all belong in an eclectic home. 

To only add more texture and variety, you will want to have numerous potted plants, small indoor trees, and bold flowers. These should be sporadically sprinkled around the home, preferably to compliment an eye-catching piece.

Include the Old and the New

Once again, the eclectic decor is about unexpected pairings. This remains true when it comes to the time period of your decor. 

While most styles of decor stick to either modern or traditional, eclectic wants to merge these two generations together. 

For instance, you may want to place a 19th-century settee on a modern rug found right here. 

You may also want to pair a Greco Roman bust with a modern abstract painting. 


Traditional interior design has hard and fast rules. The eclectic style focuses on showcasing your own rules and having fun while doing it.

No matter what style of decor you choose, you will always need balance, order, and harmony for a comfortable living space. This can be done while using an eclectic style by using the tips above. 


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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