DASH – A Lifestyle For Persons With High Blood Pressure

Sometimes, a DASH is all we need for Hypertensives!

We have entered 21st Century, where on one aspect, we have welcomed Science & Technology to ease our life. On another, wholeheartedly accepted the Social Life- A Life Full Of Worries.

The “Worry” which has taken a toll on many of us, is our Blood Pressure!

High Blood Pressure has never been a pathology or a disease per say. However, it has been Rightly Justified as a “Lifestyle Disorder”, A Condition, for which we are the cause.

Hypertension- The Silent Killer

Lifestyle diseases have remarkably increased over the past decade. Because our Lifestyle has become all the more Sedentary, where we Tend to Work more, and “Work-Out” Less.

Hypertension is a condition associated with “Increased Blood Pressure“. A value which certainly has the potential to harm you.

Hypertension may be due to some inborn error’s, what we call “Congenital” in nature. Also, due to a justified cause, or maybe Idiopathic (i.e. No Known Cause; Attributable to Lifestyle)

In almost 80% of the cases, the cause for it is Lifestyle. What You Do, How You Do, What You Eat, How You Eat, When You Eat and When You Do Not Eat.

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Hypertension, being a Lifestyle Disorder, certainly has a treatment. Which is, of course, based on lifestyle modifications.

Many Feel that only medications can correct Blood Pressure Levels to an average limit. This is not right completely.

Yes, Of course, Medications are made to keep your BP at a level, but what maintains it is certainly your Lifestyle.

Lifestyle Modifications is a primary approach to managing any patient with Hypertension. DASH is one such modality which is widely used globally.

  It’s Time For DASH- Good Food Good Life

DASH stands for “Dietary Approach To Stop Hypertension”, is a Health Approach designed for the Hypertensives. Keeping in mind, that it is the Diet which has the leading role in the management of a patient with elevated blood pressure levels.

The Base of DASH

DASH is formulated on principle, that it is the Sodium Salt Content of one’s diet, which has a direct relationship with the blood pressure levels.

Salt tends to retain water in the body, and increases the Solute Load on the Kidney, thus having a NET Effect on your Blood Pressure.

Hence, according to DASH, Dietary Sodium Salt Restriction, along with other necessary modifications, can be a huge factor affecting one’s Blood Pressure.


The DASH diet is a formulation prepared for one’s diet. It can be called as a “Diet Plan” Specially prepared for the Hypertensives.

DASH Diet Includes:

  1. Increased Consumption of Dietary Fibre
  2. Low Sodium Salt/ No “Top Salt”
  3. More of Grains, Fruits, Healthy Vegetables & Poultry

The standard DASH diet meets the recommendation from the Dietary Guidelines for people to keep sodium intake less than 2,300 mg in a day.

The AHA (American Heart Association) recommends 1,500 mg a day of sodium as an upper limit for all adults.

The Figure below gives a total Break-Up of the DASH Plan:

Since these values are very calculative by nature, it is always good for you to consult your doctor, for a simple DASH Plan.

Also, make sure that you regularly keep your Blood Pressure Monitored. Awareness can lead to happiness 🙂

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