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7 Hacks on How To Stay Healthy In Summer

Change in season means a change in our routine such that we can adapt ourselves to the altering climatic changes. One such not so pleasant season is here; summer.  Summer is one such season that calls for healthy changes in diet, exercise, and routine overall such that the warm weather does not affect our body otherwise.

Then how would you stay healthy in summer when you are amid doing all these things?

The growing heat, and implausibly high temperatures affect our body in and out to its extremities. Apart from various serious complications that heat can cause, most of it, face rashes, sweat, skin outbreaks, sunstroke, and dehydration. We all must have hated these problems. 

But, the remedies to prevent these problems lie in our hands only. Not to indulge in summer special products, ayurvedic solutions, or clumsy DIYs, Just simple routine and dietary changes can make you slay throughout the summertime. 

7 Hacks on How To Stay Healthy In Summer

1. Stay Safe In The Sun

Stay Safe In The Sun
Image Source: Gulf Today

Summer calls for a healthy skincare routine. It becomes necessary to protect our skin and face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It not only causes sun tan and burns but also carries the risk of skin cancer.

It is highly recommended to use waterproof sunscreen before moving out in the sun. Use natural products that soothe your skin leaving it fresh for a longer duration of time.

Products having cucumber extracts, aloe vera, neem, lemon, etc. protect our skin against prickly heat.

2. Accessorize Well In Summer

Accessorize Well In Summer
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Summer makes us have a different collection of accessories. Protecting eyes, skin, mouth, nose everything is crucial to seal the hot winds from entering your body. 

It is advisable to carry a hat and umbrella also whenever moving to sunny areas. Wear blue aviator sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV-B rays of the sun. These simple accessories can help you avoid tanning, and sunburns, and block sun damage to your body. Also, keep your feet protected from tanning and dirt.

3. Hydration Is The Key

Hydration Is The Key
Image Source: Academy of Nutrition

Warm weather and continuous sweating can make us feel dehydrated during summers. It becomes essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and have around 8 cups of water. 

Use flavored water, sparkling water if it can increase your water intake in summers. 

Also, we must try adding water as much as possible into our regular diet such as fiber-rich fruit juices, coconut water. Also consume herbal tea, iced tea, cold coffee, milkshakes instead of hot beverages to avoid dehydration.

4. Avoid Food That Heats You Up

Avoid Food That Heats You Up
Image Source: Diabetes UK

The best way to stay healthy in summer is to avoid certain foods. Keep yourself away from foods that make your body heat up such as sour fruits, garlic, cheese, and vegetables such as beetroot and carrot. It is correct to limit their intake. These are perilous to the body and likely to generate excessive heat internally. Instead, eat fruits that go with the summer.

For those who are meat-eaters, try to avoid red meat and processed meat products during summer. They work opposite to the heat pacifiers. Also, avoid hot beverages and drinks or choose to have them at room temperatures.

5. Eat Light

Eat Light
Image Source: BuzzFeed

It is necessary to stay away from heavy calories and foods that are difficult to digest during the summer. Always focus on lighter meals like salads, fruits, yogurt, green leafy vegetables regularly during summer. Also, have a smaller portion of meals frequently.

Try to berry boost your diet by having fresh berries in routine. Berries are rich in antioxidants and abundant in fibre. During summer, such foods help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases as well as cholesterol.

6. Say No To Ice-cold Drinks

Say No To Ice-cold Drinks
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Ice-cold drinks are found to produce amatoxins in the body. They also obstruct digestion. Consuming chilled drinks can put out digestive efficiency and cause gastric problems. Hence, beating the heat with ice-cold drinks is definitely not a convenient idea.

Try using foods and drinks that are natural coolers such as lemon, cucumber, watermelon, and mangosteen.

7. Stay Indoors

Stay Indoors
Image Source: LifeWay Women

Try to restrict yourself from outdoor activities and stay in with your leisure activities. Summer is the time to heal yourself and body by pampering it with a rich lifestyle.

Summer is the perfect time to adapt to these healthy changes and start a healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy in summer with these wonderful tips to keep you merry!

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