15 Ways To Deal With Stage Fear

Everyone has faced stage fear at some point in life. Imagine a whole bunch of people giving a huge round of applause as you walk towards the stage to express yourself. Some people here will feel their heartbeat rapidly due to nervousness and anxiety, while others will feel confident.  

Well, as we all know, every problem has a solution. This problem of fear has many ways to be fixed. Here are a few of them.

15 Ways To Deal With Stage Fear  

1. Perform More

Practice is the best way to achieve or overcome something. To vanquish your stage fear, you need to face it. The more you perform on stage, the more confidence you gain. With confidence, you will be able to perform on bigger platforms and in front of more people than usual. 

2. Practice With Your Reflection

Rehearsing your lines in front of a mirror provides a lot of merits. It makes sure that you speak with clarity and proper expressions. It also helps to deal with nervousness as you see your reflection to judge yourself.

3. Analyze And Improve

We all must analyze our performance in the event and improvise the mistakes such as stutter or wrong pronunciation. One should continue to improve and rehearse to make sure that the performance becomes completely flawless. 

4. Focus On Your Speech

When on stage, one should always focus on the speech and lines that are to be spoken. Avoid looking for your family members or friends in the public, because this will distract your brain and lead to mistakes. The overall impact can lead to decreased confidence and nervousness. 

5. Say No To ‘Am I Able To Do This?’

Many times, just before the performance, multiple questions arise in our mind that leaves us confused. These questions are definitely not what we want, just a couple of hours or minutes before the performance. They do nothing but leave you in a complete self-doubt state. This might lead to poor performance despite practising for multiple hours. 

6. Be Loud

While speaking on stage, your voice should be full of energy and loudness. It should be energizing enough to make people listen. As a result, it will leave a positive impact on the public, and they would like to hear from you again.  

7. Collect Proper Intel About Your Surroundings

You should know about the type of people you have to perform in front of. This can provide a lot of benefits, as you can develop your speech or dialogues by what people like. This will make your performance look better, and overall, people will like to see something of their taste.  

8. Be Interactive

To be more confident and energized, you should talk and interact. This will allow you to discover and learn about their opinions, and you will get more information and experience. Subsequently, there will be an improvement in the way you write and perform.  

9. Back Stage Relaxing

While backstage, 10-15 minutes before the performance is the time when people are hit by nervousness, anxiety, and self-doubt. So, during this time period, you should relax and meditate to relieve all of your nervousness and anxiety. This will help to focus on what you have to do and overall, you will be able to give the best out of yourself.  

10. Proper Position While Performing

Most of the people are seen shaking their single or both legs while performing. The main reason behind this, as we all know, is nervousness. Now, on stage, one can’t do much to relieve this. But there is a trick to handle this. One should consider walking around the stage or do a bit of movement that matches their words. This will help you express yourself properly, and allow you to handle nervousness. 

11. Avoid Cramming

It is very important to add emotions to your speech. But if you cram and just recite all of those lines without any emotions, it will not attain any public interest. So, it is recommended to just understand the concept you are going to talk about, learn a few relatable and good phrases and then speak the rest on your own. This will give life and emotions to your words.

12. Think How to Cover Up Your Flaws

If there are any flaws in your speech, try to cover them up by laughing at yourself and accepting your mistake. Also, if there is a mic fault, don’t just stand there and wait for it to be corrected. Continue talking on the topic with loudness and boldness. This will give you special attention and will also prevent you from creating a mess during the event.  

13. Show Some Respect

The key to attaining attention from the very beginning of your performance is to greet your audience and show some respect towards them. If there is any special guest or senior in the show, make sure to greet them as well, and that too with a smile. Also, if possible, try cracking a joke in the beginning.  

14. Be Natural

No one in this world is perfect. Everyone has some kind of flaws. So, trying to be perfect will do nothing but worsen your on-stage performance. Instead, try to be natural and your real self. This will make your speech/event look natural and real.  

15. We Are All A Family

One of the main reasons behind this stage fright is the hesitation to speak in front of many people. This makes many of us feel anxious, nervous and stressed. But if we change the way we think, we’ll realize that the public we are going to speak in front of is nothing but our family. They show their respect towards us by coming to see our performance and thus, we must give our best in return. 


It is fascinating that Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi also had stage fear issues! But they overcame their fears to be known as the greatest speakers of all time. So, we must know that no fear is too big to stop one from achieving their goals.  

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