• LifestyleWays to Live Your Dream Life

    25 Ways to Live Your Dream Life

    If you wish to live your dreams, then you have to give up the habits that are holding you back. Are you really living the life of your dreams? Or are you happy with where you are in your life? If not, what’s holding you back? 25 Ways to Live Your Dream Life 1. Create a Vision Board Visualizing your…

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  • Educationreasons why students fail exams

    20 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams

    Every student’s aim is to pass their exams with the highest marks possible. And to attain this aim, everyone tries their best by putting in all the effort. But still, sometimes, students end up getting less marks or failing exams. One thing we need to always remember is that ups and downs are a part of life. It means that…

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  • Lifestyle

    7 Grooming Tips All Stylish Men Know

    It is not enough to simply be well-dressed. It is important to be well-groomed as well. This inherently leads a certain style and charisma to every individual. Most Indian men tend to neglect their grooming as an unimportant task. However, this only has a detrimental effect on their appearance and get-up. There are many easy tips with which you can…

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  • Entertainment

    15 Ways To Deal With Stage Fear

    Everyone has faced stage fear at some point in life. Imagine a whole bunch of people giving a huge round of applause as you walk towards the stage to express yourself. Some people here will feel their heartbeat rapidly due to nervousness and anxiety, while others will feel confident.   Well, as we all know, every problem has a solution. This problem of fear has many ways to be fixed. Here…

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  • LifestyleQualities of a great leader

    Top 15 Qualities of a great leader

    It has been rightly said that “Great leaders aren’t born overnight.” They are a combination of sheer dedication and years of hard work. Not all can be able leaders because not all possess the right set of qualities. For a great leader, one must have the essential skills required. A good leader helps in making the country great. “Remarkable changes…

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