Underwater Museum In Mexico: MUSA

“Two-thirds of our world is water, but there’s so much in that incredible world that’s still unknown,” Jason Taylor, co-founder of the MUSA.

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The waters around Cancun, Mexico holds much more than your usual seawater experiences. The underwater museum is  Cancún Underwater Museum. Also, It translates to ‘Spanish- Museo Subacuático de Arte’ and is globally refers to as MUSA. MUSA is located off the coast of Isla Mujeres in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Furthermore, it is the world’s largest underwater museum.

Foundation of MUSA

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MUSA or Museo Subacuático de Arte, founded in 2009 to conserve the endangered Mesoamerican Reef. It is the second largest barrier reef in the world. The main purpose of the museum is to create awareness towards the conservation of sea life. Also, that art and science could be intertwined to protect the sea.

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An area of 420 m² is covered by the museum. It would be more than 200 tons and if all the sculptures are weighed together. Also, all the structures and sculptures of the museum are attached to the seabed from the bottom which is specially designed to promote the coral life. Also, there are over 500 sculptures in the museum. MUSA is the perfect blend of art and nature. You can explore the museum through scuba diving and snorkeling.

Artists of the Sculptures

Six artists came together to create artworks of the museum. These artists are Jason deCaires Taylor, Roberto Diaz Abraham, Salvador Quiroz Ennis, Rodrigo Quinones Reyes, Karen Salinas Martinez and Enrique Mireles. Although, Taylor has done the major parts of the artwork, who is also the co-founder of the museum. Taylor designed all the sculptures for the local residents of his town. He used a marine grade cement to work with which balances the PH level of the sea. Also, helps in the growth of coral and algae on the surface of the sculptures over time which looks astonishing.

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