Tulsi Leaves Are Not Supposed To Be Chewed! Let’s Find Out Why

Tulsi plant holds a lot of religious importance in Indian culture. And why not?

This plant provides an abundance of health benefits.

Tulsi leaves purify the atmosphere and provide oxygen.

Not only that, they also boost your immunity as well as help you to fight infections.

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However, did you know that Tulsi leaves aren’t supposed to be chewed?

There are many stories that suggest why Tulsi leaves should not be chewed.

From a religious point of view, Tulsi plant (or Tulsi Devi) is considered as the wife of Lord Vishnu. Hence, chewing the leaves is considered disrespectful to her.

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According to scientists, Tulsi plant has the maximum amount of mercury as compared to other plants.

Chewing on the leaves exposes the teeth to the mercury. A large amount of mercury can cause your teeth to fall out instantly. However, the effect of Tulsi leaves is not so instantaneous or drastic.

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The quantity leaves consumed by a person would not be that massive.

But, as a precaution, it is better to gulp down the leaves rather than chewing them. Because when you crush the leaves, the teeth are exposed to the mercury and it could damage the tooth enamel.

Another reason is that the leaves have a slightly harmful acid and the mouth has an alkaline pH. When the acidity of the leaves reacts with the mouth, it may cause tooth decay.

Also, Tulsi has quite a bit of iron. If you regularly chew the leaves, it may cause discoloration of the teeth, making them look yellowish or light brown.

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If you have a different take on the subject of whether or not Tulsi leaves should be chewed, please write to us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Is it really true that Tulsi has mercury in it? If that is the case , then why do people use it for tea and medicine ? Shouldn’t mercury be avoided completely? Doesn’t make sense.


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