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8 Bizarre Phobias All Millennials Can Relate To

Have a phobia others find silly? Don't worry! There are countless unexplained phobias, you might find yours in the list below.

The words Phobia and Fear are often used interchangeably. However, it is important to note the difference.  While fear is a feeling or an emotional response, a phobia is an anxiety disorder that is defined as an excessive or irrational fear of an object or a situation, often considered illogical.

Phobias induce certain symptoms such as sweating, disorientation, nausea, etc. We’ve all heard of common phobias that are considered more understandable in the eyes of society, The following are some that might raise a few eyebrows but gain the sympathies of the millennials today.

8 Bizarre Phobias All Millennials Can Relate To

1. Gamophobia – Fear of Marriage or Commitment

Gamophobia - Fear of Marriage or Commitment

We live in a generation where the fear of commitment is undeniable, and this seems to be more understandable to bachelors today than it would have been to the generations before.

2. Obsoletophobia – Fear that everyone has a better Mobile than you

Obsoletophobia - Fear that everyone has a better Mobile than you

It is certainly hard to keep up with the rapid technological advances. Having the latest model might be a priority to some but having Obsoletophobia takes it to a whole another level.

3. Aperepiphobia – Fear of Opening Email

Aperepiphobia - Fear of Opening Email

It isn’t unusual to have an overflowing inbox which can be overwhelming at times. Aperepiphobia is an unfortunate phobia to have in the age requiring fast communication for business and information.

4. Civiliphobia – Fear of Politicians

Civiliphobia - Fear of Politicians
via- theatlantic.com

The bizarreness of Civilophobia may be considered debatable with the trust we have in our politicians reaching an all-time low. It is worrisome how the political atmosphere in the global scenario is making this phobia seem easily understandable.

5. Insistophobia – Fear of Parking

Insistophobia - Fear of Parking
via- boredomtherapy.com

With memes circulating about the horrors of ‘parallel parking,’ this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s safe to say that people with Insistophobia should stay off the wheel!

6. Magnufraterphobia – Fear of Reality Television

Magnufraterphobia - Fear of Reality Television

This one is a phobia that the Kardashian and Big Boss fans will have a hard time believing.  With countless other forms of entertainment, this is not as tragic as the other ones on the list. Thank god for Instagram and Netflix!

7. Malvocophobia – Fear of using the wrong words

Malvocophobia - Fear of using the wrong words
via- thehansindia.com

The chance of offending someone with your words has become highly probable. With the increasing awareness amongst the public, stating politically correct things has become more important than it used to be. Malvocophobia has become something that we can all relate to.

8. Pistanthrophobia – Fear of Trusting

Pistanthrophobia - Fear of Trusting

With the change in dating culture, not being able to completely trust our partners due to prior negative experiences has become the norm. This sad reality while acceptable to a majority of us, more than terrifies people with Pisanthrophobia.

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