6 Easy Staircase Exercises to Lose Weight

Want to lose weight but don’t wish to spend on gym memberships?

Yes, it’s possible. In fact, you can do this from the comfort of your home. No equipment, nothing. All you need is a staircase. Something easily found, everywhere.

Stair climbing is an effective method to burn out calories, but we often end up ignoring this fact. When used correctly, staircases can help you perform various exercises and partner in your weight loss journey.

6 Easy Staircase Exercises to Lose Weight

1. Staircase Push-Ups

As the name suggests, it is somewhat similar to those regular inclined push-ups.

  • Stand in front of the stairs without taking a step.
  • Try reaching for the fifth or sixth step (or it depends on height. You may increase or decrease the number of steps).
  • Get in a plank position. Shoulders need to be apart, hands just under your shoulders. Your toes firmly on the floor. In this position, you must be able to feel your core muscles.
  • Bend your elbows, lowering your chest until it’s just above the stairs. While doing this step, breathe in. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds.
  • Bring your arms to a straight position and bring your body back to the starting position while breathing out.
  • Your back and neck should be straight in this entire process.
  • Repeat 12 times (2 sets or as per your preference).

2. Stair Hops

It sounds like something straightforward, but you need to maintain a good balance while doing this. Follow these steps:

  • Stand in front of the staircase. The feet must be hip-width apart.
  • You must be aware of squats (lowered hips and back by bending on knees). Take that position.
  • Jump forward. Be cautious about maintaining the balance.
  • The landing on stairs must be controlled mostly by your knees (knees must be in line with feet).
  • Repeat the same process. Try it at least 15-20 times (2 sets).

3. Staircase Lunges

This is an easy-to-do exercise once you get the process correctly. Steps for the same are as under:

  • Stand straight in front of the stairs. The feet should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Put your right leg on the first or second step (whatever is convenient).
  • Lower your body while you bend your right knee. While doing this step, see that your left knee is bent behind.
  • Hold this position for 5-6 seconds and get back to the previous position. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Repeat this process 14-16 times (2 sets). You may do this exercise at the same spot or even while climbing up the stairs.

4. Stair Running

Sounds easy. Right? It’s a high-intensity workout. Along with losing weight, if you plan to look after your cardiovascular fitness, this seems to be the best choice.

Choose any staircase, and you are good to go. But a thing to keep in mind is that if you have never tried any stair exercise before, start slowly. Stating intense workouts all at once might cause muscle soreness.

Start with walking and certain warm-ups prior to this exercise.

5. Stair Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is known to be the most proficient exercise when it comes to core strengthening. Practising it on stairs enhances the process. The steps for this exercise are as follows:

  • Place your palms a few steps above. On the second, third, or fourth step (Do as convenient).
  • Take up the plank position. Arms must be stretched.
  • Your back must be straight. It would be best if you felt your core muscles.
  • Bring your right knee closer to your chest.
  • Push your right knee back, and then pull your left knee just like the previous one.
  • Continue to switch between legs. Gradually, you may increase your speed.
  • Try this at least 15 times (2 sets).

6. Step up the Staircase

This exercise can be done very easily, the steps are as under:

  • Take a position in front of the staircase. Feet apart (30 centimeters).
  • Place your left foot on the step. Breath in. Your cores must be tightened. The spine ought to be straight. All of your weight should be on the left leg.
  • Pressing through the left heel, move the body upon steps.
  • Place your right foot on the steps. Come back to normal position. Repeat this process with another leg.
  • Try this 15 times.

Tip: good balance is a must for all of these. Avoid anything that gets you distracted during staircase exercises to prevent any mishaps.


You need no equipment. Nor do you need any gym membership. All you need is a staircase and some time of yours. It sounds good. Go, give it a try!

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