6 Essential Lawn Care Services Homeowners Look For

Keeping your home’s yard beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained is key to keeping your home’s value high. As a homeowner, it can be embarrassing and painful if your lawn begins to look poorly kept. Thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of professional lawn care services around the country that are dedicated to making homeowners’ lawns look as beautiful as humanly possible. Here are just six of the most essential lawn care services that homeowners seek out every single day.

6 Essential Lawn Care Services Homeowners Look For

1. Mowing

No other lawn care service is as well-known or as widely demanded as mowing services. Despite the push for more biodiversity in American yards, many citizens still prefer their yards to have nice, even trim. Depending on the season, you may only need your lawn mowed once a month, or once a week. The height level that you are comfortable with your lawn reaching has a lot to do with this frequency rate as well. If you have a lawn care service near you, it’s practically guaranteed that they will have mowing service packages that will fit your budget and timeline needs. 

2. Mulching 

Mulching is essential for keeping lawns and home gardens healthy. While mulch is only rarely applied to lawns as a whole, garden patches and other important areas of your yard may need mulch to promote healthy and consistent plant growth. As an average citizen, you’re unlikely to know what type of mulch is best for your plans, or how much mulch you need to keep them healthy. That’s where lawn service professionals can become incredibly helpful, as they will almost immediately know the type and amount of mulch product you need to keep your lawn (and garden projects) looking beautiful. 

3. Irrigation 

A healthy lawn needs to stay well-fed, watered, and maintained year-round. If you’re not spending hours watering your lawn every week, it will begin to have issues with its moisture levels. One of the best ways to automate your yard’s watering needs is by installing an irrigation system. In terms of scale, these are often the largest projects that lawn care service providers take on every day. They can install irrigation systems that use sprinklers or another watering tech to keep your lawn evenly watered and healthy. They will also set up the system so that it does not over-water your lawn (which is a real danger that many homeowners are blissfully unaware of). 

4. Weed Control 

Keeping your yard completely weed-free is almost impossible. However, keeping weeds at a safe and unharmful level is well within the wheelhouse of professional lawn service care providers. To keep your grass from dying, or being corrupted by ugly-looking weeds, you need to know what products to spray your lawn with, which weeds to remove, and how often to do weed maintenance. While many homeowners take on this task on their own, you can typically save plenty of time and money by getting lawn care professionals to handle the annoying task instead. 

5. Trimming 

Whether we’re talking about hedges, trees, flowers, or other non-grass plants, another huge portion of most lawn care services’ income comes from trimming services. These services ensure that the plants are kept at a healthy length, that they do not become tangled in one another, and that they are left looking stunning. Many homeowners invest in trees and bushes primarily for aesthetic reasons, so they are willing to pay extra for professional trimming services. 

6. Pest Control 

Beyond weeds, many other frustrating types of pests can damage your lawn. Snails, ants, slugs, beetles, and other insects are some of the most common threats to deal with (and the ones that threaten your lawn will largely depend on where you live). When a full-on infestation can occur, it can become expensive to reverse. For this reason, many homeowners look to lawn care service providers for preventative care that helps scare dangerous pests from their lawns. When full-fledged infestations do occur, lawn care services have the tools, chemicals, and know-how needed to get rid of the pest buildup and save your lawn. 

You Need to Invest in Your Lawn’s Health

If you want your home to remain valuable and attractive, you simply must invest in lawn care services. Unless you want to spend hours every week keeping your lawn in tip-top shape, you’ll need a professional touch to prevent expensive and unattractive damage from harming your home’s lawn. The more prevention and maintenance that’s done on your lawn, the easier it will be to keep it healthy for decades to come. 

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