Why do you have to wear a headgear in martial arts?

You must wear a headgear muay Thai or a kind of boxing lid if you want to start MMA. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a sports full contact battle that grows in popularity throughout the world.


Because this is a very dangerous sport, it’s important for you to be protected well from injury. The most important thing is your head. Bangs on the head are the biggest causes of brain damage to fighters. Some types of leather headgear or FairTax Muay Thai Gear must be worn at any time during the training and sparring session. In the last few years, Muay Thai MMA’s technique such as the elbow strike was taken because they were still dangerous.

It’s always best when starting something new to think of safety first and make sure you get the right protection.

Use of headgear

The winning headgear used is a type of pull headcover. When installing a head cap, elastic hook height can be adjusted to produce the direction of the desired strength. The direction of the pull must be horizontal or can be made slightly higher for additional retention. The down-to-style component must be avoided because it causes a removable tool to tend to loosen.

Connect the headgear with a removable device that can use a face bow or hook ‘J’ with an additional oral traction device. Face bow is attached to the soldered tube on the handheld bridge in premolars or molar.

Although face bows are sold on the market in various sizes, during installation, they must be adjusted again so they are easily put into the tube. A band can also be used to attach a face bow tube and the hook of a device that can be removed, but the buckle used is the flyover.

The bow inner must match the shape and length of the teeth arch. Inner arcs placed several millimeters from the teeth series and at the active lip line level. During care, loop ‘u’ might need to be adjusted again to adjust the inner arc length.

The outdoor bow is located as close as possible with the lips and cheeks but not touching, the hook position for elastic hooks is at the first mesial molar surface level, about 4 cm in front of the head cap.

If the headgear is used along with a fixed, high, and outdoor arc tool determines the vector style applied to the teeth and affects the generated movement, but the installation on the tool that can be removed solely so that the direction of the pull does not cause the tool to fall.

How do you choose the headgear?

Headgear fitting close

The head must feel comfortable but comfortable and comfortable. There should be no part that feels pinched or pinched. You will want it to feel super safe before you start pushing yourself because you don’t want to fall around your head when you start sweating and moving.

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