Simple Ways to Put Your Stamp on Your New Personal Oasis

Moving can be quite stressful, given that it is an annoying combination of sheer agony, hard work, and excitement about starting a new life chapter. Setting foot in your new home is a small step for mankind, but it is a giant step for you. Moving into a new place is a great opportunity for a fresh start, as it is a promise of a new and better life within those walls. A new home is a blank canvas waiting for you to put all your creativity to work and turn your best ideas into reality. Read on for some guidelines on how to create an interior that will reflect your personality and make your new home truly yours.

Before you move in

If your new home is not a new property, it is most likely that you will have to do some repairment work. Time takes its toll on things, and rest assured that there will be some traces of previous tenant’s existence. Make sure to get the place in good condition since moving in a new home that looks worn out is not thrilling at all. It doesn’t have to be a costly renovation. Do some basic makeover and repair critical spots in property, simply to create a clean and fresh feel in your new home.

Plan color palette for your new home

home painted walls

A sure way to make any interior reflect your taste and personality is to add some color to it. Not only you will set the tone, but you will get the homey feel right from the start. However, keep in mind that this is something that you should do before you move in and unpack. You can do a painting job in a couple of days, but make sure to take time to think about the color scheme since colors can make or break any interior design. Opt for neutral colors and earthy tones to create a cosy and welcoming vibe, but if you crave some bright colors, feel free to accentuate a single wall. Also, make sure to match colors as you continue to decorate.


Furnish your new home to create an elegant and comfortable home. Determine the style that you are after and see if your old furniture fits. Perhaps it is time to make changes and to look for new pieces that will match the style of your new place. There is no need to get rid of everything since there are probably some great looking items you already have that will work well in the new interior. Still, don’t hesitate to replace some a big pieces of furniture, like sofa or armchair, since some new, stylish piece can be a focal point in your living room.  

Rugs and carpets

If you happen to walk into a home with perfect, dark hardwood floors than you’re all set. Nothing evokes class and elegance as the shiny floor. Add a few statement rugs that will brighten up the room and create the warm and cozy feel. However, if your floor is not much of a sight for sore eyes, you can always opt for wall-to-wall carpets, although they call for slightly more maintenance. You can always layer different rugs to create the soft and bohemian look.



If the budget allows, make sure to customize your new home according to your needs and preferences. For instance, repositioning electrical outlets or adding more natural light are adjustments that can make a new home instantly yours. Since this type of changes requires big renovation work,  it is recommendable to consult or hire reliable quantity surveyors to estimate budget and keep track of expenses you may have. You can always customize your home in the future, but the ideal time to make necessary changes is right before you move in.


wall decor picture

Your decorating style will add finishing touches and will have a final word on overall aesthetic in your home. Décor involves not only artwork but some functional accessory as well, like curtains or light fixtures. Decorate walls with paintings or framed posters. Get a statement piece of accessory, like a designer’s floor lamp and include an oversized mirror since it will add a new dimension to the room. Also, take care when choosing fabrics, as well as colors and patterns. Make sure that upholstery, drapes, curtains, cushions and even linen match or work well with your home style.


Keep in mind that decorating a home is a process, not a one-time action. Be realistic and patient as it may take time to put things together in the right way. Allow yourself to feel the space and to spend time in your new home without the pressure of having all things worked out. And remember to enjoy every step of the way.  

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