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    Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will kill Them All

    Things being what they are, the reason haven’t Earthlings heard a peep from these universes? Where is everyone? Today, this inquiry is also called the Fermi oddity. Specialists have glided numerous conceivable answers throughout the years. Their answers extending from “The Aliens are for the most part stowing away submerged,” to “They all kicked the bucket,” Alexander Berezin is a…

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  • Who Were The Green Children Of Woolpit: An Unsolved Mystery

    Do aliens really exist? Is there any other parallel dimension? Is there another world on any other planet? These questions are something that always remains unanswered but there are so many incidents and legends that let us dive into the ocean of queries and confusion. Here is an incident for you.  DISCOVERY OF GREEN CHILDREN OF WOOLPIT via There…

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    6 Artifacts in the World That Stumped Experts

    Throughout our history, humans have produced some amazing things. From pyramids to rockets, our innovation and skills have been displayed in thousands of texts, monuments, buildings, and objects. But sometimes, we lose the context of these objects. What is left behind are articles that leave historians scratching their heads as they try to figure out what the artifact is or…

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    What Are The Strange Messages Coming From The Universe?

    Scientists are continuously scanning the skies with telescopes to find some signal from extra-terrestrial intelligence. They are making every effort to detect the life beyond Earth. A new signal is detected from deep in space that is directing towards the existence of some alien civilization or the existence of some Earth-like planet in space. Via – The scientists have…

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