What are the best ways to wear crop tops?

Taking a look at the looks of stylists and fashion experts, it seems clear that the crop top, in all its versions, is one of the wildcard garments to wear in (almost) any plan.

You only need to look back to remember those looks that were style icons in the 90s. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the Spice Girls showed off their type -and navel- in their performances with bell bottoms and tight miniskirts. And what else? A garment that returns stronger than ever: the crop top. But don’t leave home without knowing the following best ways to wear it.

As it is a wardrobe staple, it is not always easy to incorporate it into our day-to-day life without falling into a look that is too simple, especially if your goal is to try to create more elaborate outfits.

Here we discover some of the best ways to wear these tops, providing sophistication and style in your looks without giving up comfort.

1. With a Long Skirt:

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The crop top has even reached the red carpet. Showing the abdomen and navel is no longer vulgar. On the contrary, it is not only elegant but also scores points among the best dressed in style blogs. But do not think that the long skirt is made only for big events. You can wear it with a printed skirt with a side slit and flat sandals for day-to-day wear.

2. With Overalls:

The union of the overalls with the crop top is another of the simplest and most successful looks of the summer. The comfort of these garments makes them the best option for many celebrities. We recommend wearing it in black dyed denim with a worn effect and combining it with trainers and a denim jacket. It will offer a casual style and somewhat trashy style.

3. With Skirts:

The crop top can also be a good option in the field of skirts. These have even made it to the red carpet. Showing the abdomen and navel is also a sign of elegance. We can combine them with long skirts or skater-style mini skirts that are also a trend for this spring-summer.

4. With High-Waisted Jeans:

We know that the crop top is a trend, but if we combine it with some good high-waisted jeans. We have the outstanding!

We can indeed fall into a basic look. Our advice? If it is a neutral color top (white or black) use voluminous accessories, fluorescent colors… But if it is a full-color top, add a basic blazer to relax the look without giving up style.

5. In Total Look:

One of the most elegant combinations is the total look. Celebrities opt for this type of styling for the most exclusive events. The total look never fails. Whether with skirts, suit pants, tracksuits… Monochrome or… Dare with prints!

6. With Sports Clothes:

Whether to create an athleisure style or to train, crop tops will be our best allies. Combine tank tops crop tops with leggings, pants, or biker shorts, in your favorite colors and more cozy finishes.

7. With a Dungaree:

To wear one of the simplest and most successful outfits this spring-summer, combine your top with overalls. The comfort of these two garments together makes it the best option for many of us.

8. Combine it with high pants:

Whether layered or with a suit, the best way to wear a crop top is definitely with high-rise pants. It’s easy, they’re fashionable and everyone can wear them well. If you are going to a more formal and serious event or date, we recommend that you cover your shoulders and that the crop top has a high neck, so you formalize your entire outfit. If you are not a fan of pants or want to try something else, high and long skirts work great too!

A good blazer and/or dress pants add a dose of sophistication to any look with simple tops. They stylize and enhance your figure. Try them!

9. Try It With Your Pajamas:

Let’s face it, pajamas have become the new protagonists of our daily looks. How many times have you spent the entire day in your favorite pajamas? Well, the time has come to transform it into the best look to get out of bed.

10. In Party:

Partying in times of covid is complicated. But hope can be the last thing you will lose! It is worth thinking about those outfits that we are going to wear when we can go out at night.

And it is that the black maxi cut out dress at parties is a sure hit! In all its versions and colors. We declare ourselves absolute fans.

11. Together With The Jacket:

The trend of wearing the top together with your jacket has us fascinated. They began to be worn with neutral tones but for this summer. Cropped corset top comes in full color and all prints.

12. Layers:

Layers are your best ally. They help you to combine summer things with winter things, to be ready to run from the office to a party, and wear things that you would not normally wear in the office. If you wear a long-sleeved shirt and a loose crop top of a different fabric, you give a new meaning to the dress or garment that you have had for centuries!

As you have seen, there are various ways to wear a crop top and so it is worth adding this multipurpose dress to your wardrobe!

How to choose a crop top?

When buying a crop top you should pay attention to:

– Length: Tops are available in various lengths, so you can choose longer or shorter depending on which style suits you best. Keep in mind that you can wear a crop top if you have a perfect stomach without extra fat.

– Neck: Pay attention to the neck. The shorter it is, the more modest the neck should be.

– Hem: Blouse hems can be straight or asymmetrical. Try out a few styles to see what you look best on.

– Style: There are various styles of tops, such as sleeveless bodycon, long-sleeved bodycon blouses, and loose tops with short or long sleeves. Therefore, pay attention to your style, what clothes you are going to wear the crop top with, as well as the occasion.

– Material: The tops with sleeves must be made of flexible fabrics, which allow movement. More revealing styles should be made from thicker fabrics. For looser, boxier styles, finer fabrics are preferred. Lace can also be used for this type of blouse.

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