• FactsAlien Territory On Earth Socotra Island

    The Alien Territory On Earth Socotra Island

    What if I told you that this place on Earth seems to come straight from a Hollywood sci-fi movie? The jewel of biodiversity, Socotra island, is a part of an archipelago in the Arabian Ocean. After Yemen’s unification in the year 1990, this alien-looking island became a part of the Republic of Yemen. Standing isolated since the dawn of existence,…

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  • Health and Wellness

    7 Common Sitting Positions That Reveal Secrets Of One’s Personality

    When we meet a person, the first thought and impression we get about him is how he speaks and his sitting posture. A person’s posture can surely convey a lot about what’s going on in his mind at that particular instant. According to the body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass Ph.D., body language portrays a person’s true personality. She is…

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  • History5 Most Popular Delicious War Recipes

    5 Most Popular Delicious War Recipes

    The very concept of war brings forth a vivid grim picture of bloodshed. But surprisingly, the pages of history narrate that the most dreadful wars of all time also resulted in a churn of mouth-watering cuisines that beholds the mixtures of two rival kitchens, creating few of the most iconic and delicious war recipes of all time. In these wars,…

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  • Facts5 Incredible Ice Age Mammals Who Ruled Before Us

    5 Incredible Ice Age Mammals Who Ruled Before Us

    Whenever we think of prehistoric extinct animals that once walked on this Earth millions of years ago, the first species that strikes our minds are the dinosaurs. But don’t you think we are missing something here? What about those woolly gigantic ice age mammals that strolled down the Earth when it was draped with ice? The animals that once reigned…

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  • FactsCrooked Forest

    The Mystery Behind The Crooked Forest

    How should an ordinary pine forest full of pine trees look like? Of course, by the laws of nature, they shouldn’t be crooked and must stand upright with straight posture reaching out for the skies draped in spiny leaves. But when we speak of the mighty nature, one thing you and I should never forget is that nature creates and…

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