Meet Raghu Raman- The Highest Paid Government Employee In India!

All of us have heard of very famous government employees like Raghuram Rajan, Ministers, MLAs and other chief employees working for the Indian Government. Ever wondered who amongst them all is the highest paid government employee in India?

Was your first guess the President? Or was it the Prime Minister? Well, it is not them.

Highest Paid Government Employee In India:

The highest paid government employee in India is Mr. Raghu Raman – the chief of NATGRID and the highest paid technocrat working for the Indian Government.

Mr. Raghu Raman draws a monthly salary of Rs. 10 lakhs and also reaps government benefits and entitlements.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of NATGRID. NATGRID or National Intelligence Grid is the integrated intelligence grid connecting databases of core security agencies. This agency was set up after the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. India’s intelligence database agency was seen to be weak and incompetent. NATGRID was mooted by the then Home Minister, P Chidambaram. NATGRID was Mr. Raman’s 6th startup.

Who Is Raghu Raman?

Raman was an army officer before becoming the highest paid government employee in India. While he was in the army, he wrote a paper regarding the defense system and strategies adopted by the Indian army. In this paper, he concluded that the Indian defense system adopted a ‘ridiculous’ mix of NATO and Warsaw doctrines. Indian forces followed the NATO principles and used the low –costing Warsaw weapons.

After reading this, a senior officer joked stating “Anyone who writes like this is destined to either be a general or be court-martialled.” But, Raghu Raman succeeded in becoming the highest paid Indian government employee.

Raman heads a team of 40 members, working for 11 agencies under the NATGRID being- Research and Analysis Wing, the Intelligence Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation, Financial intelligence unit, Central Board of Direct Taxes, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate, Narcotics Control Bureau, Central Board of Excise and Customs and the Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence.

Before NATGRID, Raman was part of the Mahindra Group of Companies as the Chief of Operations for the used car business. He was then shifted to Mahindra Special Services Groups. He ultimately became the CEO of the joint venture that became Mahindra Groups and British Aerospace. Raman then quit this job to finish his MBA and found a new passion in the field of teaching. He taught ‘leadership skills’ for students studying in Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai, and several other institutes.

How Did The Highest Paid Government Employee In India Became NATGRID’s CEO?

His affiliation with the intelligence agency started off during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, where he was called to give emotional support to the people stuck at Taj.

Despite losing two of his close friends, he still spoke to them and helped reduce their trauma for 2 days. This could be called the starting stone for his achievements.

Mr. Raman does not like talking about the incident much. But from what we can gather, his and his team’s efforts to protect the data essential for our country has been profound. So readers, has he become the next idol you all look up to? Comment your thoughts to us.

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