Ayandrila Bhadra

An Economics student with an interest in reading, writing and debating. A hardcore coffee addict, an avid procrastinator and a terrible singer. Lover of chocolates, cricket, food, shopping and all things that glitter. Slightly eccentric and likely to be found talking to dogs, reading under the blanket or sleeping.
  • Health and Wellnessdiabetes

    10 Major Foods That A Diabetic Should Avoid

    Diabetes is a chronic and long-term condition that occurs when the blood glucose or blood sugar levels in the body are too high. If not controlled properly, it can lead to serious problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, blindness and other complications. Hence, it is very important to make wise food decisions, as eating the wrong food may…

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  • HistoryVladimir Komarov

    Vladimir Komarov : The Man Who Fell From Space

    Space holds a vast amount of mysteries and anonymity, which the human race is constantly trying to explore. It has attracted human interest for decades. From leaving footprints on the Moon to India’s very own Mars Mission, these success stories have made the human kind proud and have encouraged further research and exploration into space. But, rarely do we think…

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  • FactsDog Suicide Bridge

    Have You Heard Of The Dog Suicide Bridge?

    We have heard of several haunted places where some mysterious happenings may have taken the lives of many human beings. But, have you heard of a haunted bridge from where hundreds of dogs have leaped off to death? The Overtoun Bridge has been attracting suicidal dogs since the early 50’s. Situated near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, this 19th-century bridge…

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  • FactsBizarre laws from around the world

    8 Bizarre Laws From Around The World

    What if you visit a country in order to enjoy a vacation and are put behind bars or fined a hefty amount for something you don’t even consider a ‘crime’? Yes, you may be punished for the weirdest and the absurd reasons that you may have never thought of! Here are some most bizarre laws from countries around the world…

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  • Health and Wellnessautophagia

    Autophagia- A Condition Where People Eat Themselves!

    There are some strange and weird disorders that can scare you off your feet and leave you thinking whether they actually exist! One of such creepiest disorders is – Autophagia. It is a condition leading to the uncontrollable urge to chew one’s own body parts! According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Autophagia is an Impulse-Control Disorder.…

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