• Facts

    Is Meat Actually Luxurious Food?

    Think of a food item, the one you most enjoy, to be precise. Around 90% of the population would name the kind of meat they prefer. It’s no doubt that only 14% of the population is vegetarian, including vegans. Since kindergarten, the food chain has always been a part of our textbooks. The chain has been followed for centuries, and…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Which Is The Healthier Better Option Ghee Or Oils?

    What do you think? Which one is healthier- ghee or oils? If oils are unhealthy, then is every kind of oil unhealthy? Fats are considered the most dreaded enemy for healthy folks. Although, good fats found in nuts are beneficial. The first step in being fit is to choose the right kind of fat for cooking. Oil is an important…

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  • Health and WellnessGreen Beverage As A Choice In The Lifestyle

    Green Beverage As A Choice In The Lifestyle

    It is the environmentalists who have coined this term – green drinks. They named the interval between environmental conferences as ‘green break’. The different environmental conferences organized due to the initiatives of business, non-government, and such other organizations in various places were the places for the origin of green breaks and green drinks later on. The green beverage is a…

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  • Health and WellnessWhy People Recommend Vaping CBD – Everything We Know!

    Why People Recommend Vaping CBD – Everything We Know!

    Vaping is one of the most unique and easiest ways to consume CBD in your system. Yes, it is and thanks to its enhanced effects and convenience, more and more people have started using CBD vape oil these days. It is also being said in the market that since people directly inhale CBD through vapors, it provides more bioavailability than…

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  • Factsdeadliest drugs in india

    The 4 Deadliest Drugs you can find in India

    55 billion dollars. 55 with 9 zeroes is the estimated value of the industry relying on drugs in India. The question is: what factors contribute to the growth of this self-destructive market? According to, drugs are substances (except food and water) that alter a person’s functioning physically and/or psychologically. On the grounds of law – drugs are classified as…

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