• Facts

    10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Learning A Foreign Language

    Learning a second language, more often than not, seems easier than it is. One has to swim through a swamp full of complicated grammar, get stranded on a desert island with conjugations, keep up with Duolingo instead of the Kardashians, embarrass oneself in front of a native speaker and much more. Learning a foreign language helps in polishing your vocabulary,…

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  • Historyhistory of ketchup

    Interesting Journey Of Ketchup: From Medicine To Table Condiment

    History of Ketchup Know about the culinary journey of ketchup- from medicine to table condiment When you hear the word ketchup, a rich red puree of tomatoes pops into your mind. Tomatoes equal to ketchup. Although, a few decades ago ketchup didn’t quite resemble the current version of the condiment. Via – Let us know some history of the…

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