• Health and WellnessWays To Stop Your Acidity Problems

    20 Ways To Stop Your Acidity Problems

    Pizza, cheesy fries, chocolates, waffles and a side of salad. It isn’t hard to imagine what most of our choices would be. Unhealthy as it may sound, we can’t live our entire lives away from that which brings us so much joy! But what after that? Heartburns, bloating, uneasiness? Does this sound familiar? Nobody wants that now, do they? Acidity…

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  • Facts

    What is better? Hot Coffee or Cold Coffee? Know how they affect your health.

    Yes, it is the truth that coffee offers considerable health benefits, some of which come from the coffee itself and others from the caffeine.Doesn’t matter what the preference of caffeine is, a new study suggests that one is better than the other. Yes. So, if you love your hot cuppa, we have some great news for you. According to research,…

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