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Is Listening to Podcasts a Therapy: A Complete Breakdown

The popularity of podcasts is growing an inch with each passing day. With millions of people consuming podcasts on different platforms and in different forms, they have become a part of daily life. The reason for their increasing success is that they are interesting and engaging. 

But did you know that listening to podcasts is therapeutic? Well, we are not going to underline any scientific details but put out the experience most of us have while listening to podcasts. 

Let us dig deeper into how(if) this notion is correct. 

So, let’s get started! 

Benefits of Listening to Podcasts for Mental Well-Being

Before we get into how listening to podcasts is good for mental health, let us understand what a podcast actually is and how it bears the strength to influence the listeners. 

To put it simply, the podcast is an audio program consisting of a series of episodes on single or multiple themes. The speakers are podcasters who might speak solo, may have co-hosts, or invite guests in each episode to make their podcasts more entertaining. The listeners tune into their favorite podcasts regularly so they feel a personal connection with them. 

The intimacy of the connection, as a result, generates trust. The listeners then respect the podcasters’ opinions and recommendations, and that is why it is true that podcasters talking about positivity induce hope in listeners. 

Consequently, it is deduced that listening to podcasts can help reduce anxiety and stress. Of all, it provides emotional support to those in solitude and enhances their self-awareness. As a result, the listeners feel better and approach a positive perspective in life. 

All in all, here are the key benefits of listening to podcasts for mental health: 

1. Offer Emotional Support

We all need someone’s shoulder to cry on and vent out. Most people who do not have friends or family members might suffer from depression. In that regard, finding a podcaster who speaks your heart out and gives instructions like a friend can mitigate the loneliness. 

2. Reduce Stress

Whenever you are feeling low, you may just listen to a podcast. It will help you calm yourself down and unwind. 

3. Help Find New Perspective

Most of the time, we are too timid that we keep thinking about a certain thing from one perspective. But, by listening to podcasts, you can get a new perspective and learn about others’ experiences. This teaches you acceptability and adaptability, two crucial things to live a happy life. 

4. Help Feel motivated

People sharing their personal experiences and general opinions of life events can give you the courage and motivation to keep going in your life. 

5. Make You Laugh

A dose of laughter is important to fight those blue feelings. Just imagine you are feeling low, you listen to someone crack a silly joke, and help you get out of your gloomy thoughts by engaging you in a healthy discussion. Wouldn’t that just cheer you up? 

Therapeutic Podcasts to Tune Into 

Here are some of the podcasts you can tune into to feel good. 

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1. Normal Gossip

Kelsy Mckenny’s podcast is truly what the name suggests. In each episode, the host welcomes a random guest to speak about the experiences of people you do not know at all. The guest may talk about a scandal in the neighborhood or a bachelorette party gone wrong. Basically, this is a podcast where you will feel like sitting with your friends and listening to them gossiping about their friends you do not know about. It is absolutely fun!

2. You Are Good

This podcast is just a delight to listen to. In this podcast, Sarah Marshall and her co-host Alex Steed explore classic movies like Heathers and Titanic and discuss how they provoke emotions. In essence, they discuss your favorite movies and take you deeper into their sensual elements. 

3. Happy Place

This is an absolute make-you-feel-happy podcast as the host, Fearne Cotton, talks about love, life, loss, and just everything. She tries to dig out what happiness means by drawing her own experiences and sharing advice from experts to cope with bad feelings. 

4. TED Radio Hour

TedTalk has built a reputation for providing inspirational and educational content for years. TED Radio Hour attempts to provide ideas of the world’s greatest thinkers about today’s problems. As a listener, you can get an in-depth view of innovative ideas and approaches. 

Final Thoughts

If you are someone not into podcasts yet, you must know that they can uplift your mood, help you reduce anxiety and stress, and keep you motivated. So, why look for a new friend when you have podcasts? Tune into one now!


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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