8 Strange Food Facts You Never Want To Know About

And, life comes with surprises now and then (so does your food)!
Below are some strange and weird food facts to leave you spellbound.

8 Strange Food Facts You Never Want To Know About

1. The Ketchup

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Earlier ketchup was not made of tomatoes; but walnuts, mushrooms, shallots, anchovies, mango, apple or even bananas. Nor it was used as a favorite dip for any food around.  Instead, tomatoes were considered to be of good medicinal value(still does). Ketchup was sold as tomato pills to cure diarrhea, ingestion, and jaundice; and was soon banned from the market after being found fraudulent. Guess, coke is not the only ‘toilet cleaner’ in the market. Many people use ketchup as a cleaning agent for their cars, brass or copper products, and jewelry.

2. Pufferfish

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Pufferfish known as ‘Fugu’ in Japan, is a highly prized dish in the country. People consume it, and chefs prepare it even after knowing how poisonous it is. The amount of tetrodotoxin(a deadly toxin), present in one pufferfish is enough to kill 30 adult men. It is allowed to be prepared by a few highly trained licensed chefs. Still, many of them are hospitalized or lose their lives in the process.

3. Jelly beans

jelly beans
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Yum Yum! Jelly beans are so tasty, colorful, shiny, and sweet. But where do they get this shine from? Shellac – derived from resin, excreted by the female beetle. Funny how the same substance is also used to create your anti-chip manicure nail paint.

4. Gelatin

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Gelatin is strictly Non-Vegetarian and a no-no for all the vegetarians and vegans. But why? That’s because gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skins, bones, and tissues of cows or pigs.

5. Chewing gums

chewing gums
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Yes, chewing does contribute in improving concentration and memory and have many other benefits. And we all love the strawberry or peppermint taste it leaves your mouth with, but most chewing gums today are made of synthetic rubber. Originally chicle obtained from the latex sap of the trees was the main ingredient in chewing gums. Soon, chemists discovered synthetic rubber which became a substitute for the natural one.

6. Sugar-free chocolate

sugar free chocolate
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Sugar-free chocolates are cheat codes for all chocolate lovers on a (strict) diet. But too much of everything is bad. Artificial sweeteners in these chocolates can cause major diarrhea if consumed above a limit. We better not take them for granted next time.

7. Birds NEST soup

birds nest soup
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What’s in a name? It’s all in a name! Soup straight out of a bird’s nest is one of the most famous and controversial delicacies of Chinese cuisine. With several nutritional values. The nest used to make the soup is that of small birds called Swiflets, found in the South East Asia. Their nests are edible as they are made out of their saliva which is gradually hardened upon exposure to air.

8. Nakji

A stir-fried Octopus is popular and is the ultimate favorite dish of Koreans. But every tasty dish isn’t safe. Tentacles of the Octopus stick to the tongue or the mouth and choke the consumer. As a result, many people have died, but the dish is still consumed by many.

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