5 Dreamy Master Bedroom Ideas

Your master bedroom is your personal getaway from the stress of the outside world. You should be able to walk into the room, close the door, and immediately feel calmer.

To create that feeling of peacefulness, first, you have to figure out what atmosphere makes you feel the most relaxed.

For some people, it’s the tropical vacation ambience. Others unwind best in a quiet, minimalistic room with no clutter to distract them.

Once you find the energy that hits your “unwind” button, the next step is to create that look and feel. These five ideas will turn your master bedroom into your calm space and spread it to the rest of your apartment.

5 Dreamy Master Bedroom Ideas

1. Use Calming Colors

Calming Colours
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Psychologists have spent decades studying the effect colors have on our moods. We know that it’s possible for certain shades to boost a person’s energy, while others are more likely to relax them.

In your master bedroom, the colours should be calming, not energizing. Stay away from neons and brights, in particular, red and purple.

Instead, look for neutrals or pastel and light shades of blue, green, pink, gray, and violet. Pick your favourite colour combination and decorate your room from top to bottom with those hues.

When you think you’re done, sit calmly in the middle of the room and look around you slowly. How do you feel? Are you relaxed? Does anything you see jar you from that peacefulness? If so, hide or move it out of sight, and enjoy your new tranquil surroundings.

 2. Don’t Forget the Plants

indoor plants
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Another thing society has learned through years of research is that nature can reset our mental stress levels. Time spent outside lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels, and makes a person happier in general.

Sleeping outside, on the other hand, isn’t always the best idea. If you’d rather avoid extreme temperatures, the hard ground, and bugs and beasts, bring a little of nature inside with plants.

Bringing greenery into your room relaxes you and makes you healthier, too. Plants purify the air around them, eliminating toxins and filtering pollutants. Certain plants are recommended for the bedroom because they’re easy to care for and help you sleep better.

3. Add Some Soothing Sounds

music in bed
Source: Home Decor Bliss

There’s a reason upscale stores and restaurants use “elevator” music in the background. Soothing sounds are calming, so their customers’ moods relax along with the music.

Enhance your bedroom’s vibe with some soft sounds before you fall asleep. It’s as easy as playing some music on your phone, a Bluetooth speaker, or a CD.

If music distracts you, try a white noise machine. The background sounds drown out everything outside your room, letting you sleep peacefully through the night.

 4. Drizzle in Some Luxurious Touches

Master Bedroom
Source: Home Designing

We all deserve some pampering in our lives. It’s easy to bring in some touches of luxury, no matter what your budget is. And there’s no place better to enjoy them than your bedroom.

Snuggle up in bed with a comfy blanket you splurged on. The best rest comes when you’re cozily bundled up under a comforter that’s just the right temperature and weight.

To achieve the ultimate comfort in your bedtime haven, complement your cozy blanket with the perfect UK mattress size. Ensure that your mattress provides ample space for a restful sleep, allowing you to snuggle up under your preferred comforter without feeling cramped.

When you realize you left the light on or TV blaring, you won’t want to move out from the covers. And you don’t have to when you add the luxury of smart technology to your room. With a simple command to your artificial assistant, you can turn your electronics off.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Make those small touches feel luxurious.

5. Set the Mood Lighting

cozy lighting
Source: Kaodim

The type of lighting you have in your bedroom could be keeping you from finally feeling calm. If you’re using the overhead light that came with the room, the bright bulb wakes your brain up.

Serotonin, the body’s “feel-good” hormone, increases when we’re exposed to bright light. Along with this extra hormone production comes a rise in our energy level.

To avoid this physiological reaction, switch out the bulb in your overhead light for a lower wattage or add mood lighting with:

  • Cove lighting on shelves, along with the window, or over the closet
  • Wall sconces
  • A bedside lamp
  • Dimmer switches
  • Fairy lights
  • Standing lamps

The lighting in your room is the main factor that sets the mood. Play around with adding and taking away lamps and other light sources until you are happy with the final touch.


Making your master bedroom a dreamy place doesn’t require a degree in interior design or a big budget. These little tweaks to what you already have will turn any room into your perfect sanctuary.


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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