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10 Steps To a Happy Healthy Life

A healthy, happy life is a thing desirable to all. But what do you do to achieve it? Nothing? Right? You can’t achieve it just by snapping of fingers. You need to invest some part of your daily life to achieve this.

But what happens if you follow all these steps?

Improved mental health, emotional well-being, and a healthy and fit body. What more do you want? These are the basic things which, once achieved, will definitely make you happy.

10 Steps To a Happy Healthy Life

1. Early to Bed; Early to Rising

Try the other way around instead of staying up late till night and waking up late in the morning. Sleep early and wake early. We all read this in our school books. It does have a reason. When you wake up early, you don’t have to rush; you get sufficient time to plan your work. And make sure to get sleep of at least 7-8 hours. You will feel fresh throughout the day—a major step to a healthy, happy life.

2. A Lot Of Water

Drink lots and lots of water. It makes you feel fuller and helps to avoid overeating. Besides, it is good for your skin too. Develop the habit of drinking water the moment you wake up. A glass of warm water with added lemon and honey is the first thing to have in the morning. It conditions your internals before you start your day.

3. Exercise And Exercise

Follow a stretching and exercising routine. Instead of scrolling down Instagram feeds and wasting time, stick to a schedule. The benefit of exercise is not unknown. For those who don’t know, one-third of the brain is made up of blood vessels. Physical fitness, in this way, surely impacts your brain in a good way. Besides, it also a good way to stay fit, and burn calories. Why not try this?

4. Eat Healthily

A thing that should be heard more often. And it is true as well. You don’t have to skip meals. You don’t have to follow strict dieting patterns. All you need to do is to eat good food. Nutrient-rich food, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, more of whole grains. All of these should be your friends. Taking this step today will help you reap bigger benefits tomorrow.

5. Stress Management

You can’t even imagine how stress affects our daily life. One can’t have a completely stress-free life. But one can develop habits that help manage it. Keeping a positive attitude, exercising regularly, eating well, and practising relaxation techniques are some ways.

6. Screen Time-Outs

Technology has impacted our lives way too much. Mobile phones, laptops, and other such gadgets seem to be an inseparable part of our lives. Try to be away from it for at least some part of your day. You will feel much better.

7. Read Something

You never realize the importance of reading books in your life. When you develop reading habits, you’ll know that it isn’t a waste of time. Read anything but make a habit of reading—inspirational quotes, autobiographies, fiction, etc. You will eventually learn to see things from a new perspective, let alone the new ideas and inspirations you get from books.

8. Not To skip Meals

This is an important point to keep in mind. Sometimes we are so involved in our work that we forget to have meals. It’s a bad habit. Food is something that gives you energy and keeps you energized the whole day. You probably don’t want to be stressed and hangry all day? Do you?

9. Meditate

Meditation is the key to a healthy, happy life. The best thing to clear your mind of any distractions. It helps in increasing self-awareness, and you can focus more on your work. It also aids in reducing negative emotions from the mind. When are you going to start this practice?

10. Socializing

People with good social networks tend to be happier and healthier. Feeling of dejection is not their thing. When you socialize, you get a boost of confidence. Also, it helps to improve one’s mental and emotional health. Consider ways to improve your social circle. This will help you to have a healthy, happy life.


A healthy, happy life is not that hard a thing to achieve. When you invest some time to follow the above-given steps, you are sure to achieve it. They’re just 10 steps, after all.

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