How to properly wear the corset, a star piece for slimming the waist?

Many celebrities succumbed to the corset trend on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. And they are not the only ones! The last to have captured this piece is none other than the singer Louane.

To perform on the Olympia stage, she was dressed in a sublime Gucci lace corset. A key piece of the 1970s, but also the 2000s, the vinyl corset top is at the top of the fashion trends this spring-summer 2022.

Finally, from the 16th century until today, the corset has always occupied a place of choice in our dressing room. If we go back to the beginnings of this accessory, its main function was above all to refine the waist and sculpt the silhouette.

A double rigidity, to be understood in a bodily sense of course but also psychological, the uprightness of the body symbolizing by metonymy the firmness of soul and morals. Consisting of a rigid frame tied in the back, the tool is a real object of torture.

The adage “you have to suffer to be beautiful” seems to have been invented for this accessory. At the time of feminist movements during the seventies, the corset was singled out.

First from a medical point of view since it would cause organ deformities and respiratory diseases but also societal because it is a society that requires women to refine their size.

The corset was however rehabilitated during the 1970s by genius creators such as the eccentric Vivienne Westwood. In the 1990s and 2000s, it was revisited by Thierry Mugler who created a futuristic corset on a cyborg woman or even Jean Paul Gaultier (remember the one worn by the singer Madonna during her Blond Ambition tour in 1991). If it is no longer considered an instrument of torture, the corset remains a difficult fashion piece to assume.

How to wear the corset properly?

Symbol of absolute femininity, the corset is twisted according to the clothing styles of each one. Bustier version, with or without straps, colorful or with a Marie-Antoinette floral print, there is something for everyone.

This spring-summer, we wear it more in a sportswear vein to counterbalance its elegant lines with bourgeois accents. We associate it sometimes with low-waist jeans, sometimes with a baggy for a Y2K look at the top. Seasoned fashionistas can also wear it with a mini-skirt or even over a white shirt or a satin dress. As for shoes, anything goes sneakers for a sporty look, babies for a retro look, or even heeled sandals or pumps for a femme fatale silhouette.

Who can wear a corset? For what morphology?

If the corset fashion bodysuits unfold in a thousand and one shapes, they cannot be worn anyhow and by anyone. In the middle of summer, it is not recommended to wear too tight clothes such as corsets because they can have harmful consequences on our health. The corset would be the cause of digestive problems like its cousin the sheath. So be careful not to overtighten it when it starts to get very hot. Outside the summer period, do not tighten your corset excessively at the risk of compromising your health.

If you have an X morphology or an H morphology with a well-defined waist and few shapes, the corset is the perfect element to emphasize your wasp waist.

For those with small breasts, it will highlight your figure. On the other hand, for those who have a large chest, the cut must be well chosen so as not to give a vulgar effect. Better to opt-in this case for a less plunging neckline.

For those who complex on their belly, the corset is not the element that will put you in value the most. Instead, favor “empire” style clothes, these high-waisted dresses that go up the chest.

A-line silhouettes: go for corsets with suspenders:

Do you have small shoulders and wide hips? The ideal is to redesign your bust with a corset with straps that will give it some stature. To do this, opt for a piece with straight or crossed straps. Thanks to this half-corset half-top, you will have guaranteed support and comfort. Our favorite pieces? The corset to close with hooks at Solado for a comfortable and sexy look or the one with integrated stays at

The traditional corset is not necessarily suitable for all body types. For example, if you have an H silhouette with poorly defined shapes, the strapless format will risk flattening them more. Our solution? The waist cincher or underbust is to be placed below your breasts. Layer it over a t-shirt or dress. It will redefine your curves to turn heads. You can buy them from the Solado brand, which offers the best collection at a very low price!

If you are eager to wear this trendy top, all you have to do is choose the best halter neck corset toponline. If you have no idea, where you get the best piece of the corset, then look no further and check out the entire collection only on


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