The Positive and Aesthetic Effect of Poetries.

“Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words”. – Paul Engle

Have you ever tried to find beauty on empty streets, ever tried to sway in the tunes of the raindrops falling on the window? Have you ever tried to understand the language of crickets during the night, share your emotional burden with the starts and the moon or just sat down letting the gust of wind appease your soul? If you haven’t, you need to dwell yourself in the beauty that poetries hold. The effect of poetries on our mind and soul is such that it entirely makes you a new person. Poetries touch the deepest chords of your heart allowing you interact with yourself. Poetry does not only have an emotional impact on our minds but also has a positive influence in our societies.

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Effect of Poetries on Society

Poetry, in the society, acts as a mirror. It reveals the image of the society which is often neglected, letting the truth sneak up on you. Poetry is a powerful emotive instrument which tends to shape people’s opinion. It is an effective communication, allowing us to understand the vulnerability of others and reveal our fears and anxiety. Poetry keeps alive the solidarity in the society by inculcating the feeling of love and harmony. It eradicates the hate that pertains among the citizens. The effect of poetry is such that, it makes us realize that in spite of our differences, we are not alone in our grief and pain.

Here, we can take an example of the poem, Dulcet et dcord um est, written by Owen attempts to reveal the horrendous image of war. Owen tries to awaken the society to the horrific events which unfold during the war. The poetry breaks the preconception that existed in the society, that war was morally right by exposing the deaths and showing how society has become distressed. The poem reveals how society has destroyed humanity and filled the society with violence and killers ready to slaughter each and every one. Such poetries allow the society to introspect itself and differentiate between what is morally right and morally wrong.

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Poetries can have fascinating effects on our brain. Research shows that human brain responds to poetries in a slightly different manner. The brain responds to the poetries in a similar manner it responds to the music, creating a wave of emotions in our body. The reading network of the brain gets triggered whenever encountered with any reading material. The region of the brain linked to memory gets activated when compared to other regions of the reading network. Poetries stimulates the resting areas of the brain, which are also linked to introspection.

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When we listen to poetries, at some of the other points, it sends a shiver down our spines or gives goosebumps. The connection of metaphors, the rhythms and the unique words that first strike our ears, allow us analyzing the poetries in a beautiful manner. Hence, letting the brain derive pleasure from the task of listening poetries.


One can very well understand the effect of poetries while writing one. Writing poetries make you engage with your own emotions. You should write something you are passionate about, it helps you blend your emotions with your words. Moreover, writing makes your brain work in a creative and unusual way. The poets have the talent to write on unusual and untouched topics. They have the power to make very monotonous things in our day to day life such as the curtains, the weather, food, roads, sleep etc, beautiful in their own way.

Another reason, why writing poetries can be helpful is that it enhances your vocabulary. While writing, you get to know new words and using flexible quality of language. This helps you open up and express your emotions in a broader area.

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Reading and writing poetry helps you understand yourself as well as understand others. You get to know yourself better and find a reason for everything happening in this chaotic world. Poetries provide you with a bigger picture of everything. Effect of poetries is such that, it makes us compassionate and enhances our imagination. Thus, poetries make us more human and allow us to connect to our souls.

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