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History of Hairstyle: When, How and Where?


The first form of hairstyle that was recorded in history was 30,000 years ago, and they were braids. Initially women grew hair as long as they could naturally but with pace of change the length of hair started changing too giving birth to various hairstyles or hairdos as we call it today. Therefore, if you want to be a part of one of the famous sub sects of fashion industry then first gather full information about it.

The Art Of Styling The Hair: When Did It All Begin?

Primitive people used combs that were made up of bone, wood, or even bronze. Styling the hair for fashionable purposes was a lot more ancient art than you can imagine!

source- Antiques Board

The History Of The Hairstyle In Imperial Rome:

source- Design Press

In Imperial Rome, women used long hairpins with different sculptures on them. On special occasions, they adorned their hair with garlands, flowers and also used ribbons. They also used hair gels made of fatty substances to style their hair in different types of hairdos and wore their long hair in elaborate ornate braids close to their heads. Powdered gold was added for highlighting streaks in hair.

The hairstyles signified a person’s status symbol in the society with every complex design possible. It was believed the more complex your hairdo was the more regal and beautiful you were. Doesn’t this sound interesting, how your fashion statement is made with the complexity of your hairstyle.

Renaissance And The Hairstyle:

As for how a women wore her hair, it varied from place to place and was greatly affected because of the constantly changing customs. During the renaissance period, ladies plucked their hairlines and eyebrows to achieve the high hairline inspired by Queen Elizabeth I. But the truth holds that hairstyles during this period were defined by women’s marital status. A married woman would usually have her hair braided up, but when it came to young girls who would dress up all royal yet seductive they would have a combination of bun with loose, playfully attractive curls swirls around their necks.

Renaissance loose curls
source-The costume vault


Even in ancient times, curled hair was considered more desirable compared to straight hair.Men also had a habit of either wearing wig of curled hair or getting their hair curled as it was considered attractive and Macho like. And not only did men curl their hair, but they also curled their beards!

source- Pinterest

As the civilization advanced, hair styling methods of arranging and dressing the hair became more varied. In some places, the style was straight hair, while in others, it was curled hair.

In both the 1960s and 1970s,  men and women began to experiment more with styles that were cropped short or left loose and straight. The hairstyle was also determined by factors such as identifying distinct subgroups or, conforming to one’s religious values for eg. Rastafarians with dreadlocks, crew cuts, pixie hairdos or the punk look.    

source- Cool Men’s Hair


The middle ages started with the look of hair rolled and all volumed up but this trend was soon overtaken by the famous post-war buoffants and fringes of 1950s, which was the look that almost every famous actress regardless of the barriers of Hollywood or Bollywood had. And these fringes also covered the hairstyles of men of those times.

source- Guernsey Retro Festival

Modern Ages

In today’s modern era hair styling business has become a large part of fashion industry where a number of male and female hairstyles are mastered each day. From the renaissance looks to veronica lakes look you can get any hairdo based on any theme and occasion. In recent times for females, combination looks with chunky highlights, easy breezy braids or long Rapunzel hair each has it own significance.

Female hairstyles
source- Fashionisers

In modern times, Men also have peppy hairstyles that makes them look hot, cool, elegant, seductive, professional or whatever way they wish to look. Their trendy looks like Pompadour, Quiff, Dreadlocks, Comb Over, Slicked Back and Buzz Cut are some of the most famous and attractive one.

source- Youtube

So no matter your hair length is long like this-

source- Hair Adviser

Or short like this-

source- All Things Hair

Just ignore the lengths and remember to be trendy!

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