We Know All About Black Holes, But Do We Know What Is A White Hole?

Experts aren’t about why it is, about why not? One of many of the greatest accomplishments of Albert Einstein’s most dominant was proving the existence of black holes, through mathematics. A black hole is a distortion in the fabric of space. It has such an enormous amount of density and gravitational pull, so that nothing, not even light, can escape from it.

black hole theory
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However, what is astonishing, is what Einstein also proved through his equations; the existence of white holes!


A white hole is just the opposite of a black hole. A black hole sucks in all matter that crosses its event horizon. On the other hand, a white hole expels out all of the case lost in the black hole.

A famous physicist Sean Carroll, from Caltech, was quoted saying, “A black hole is a place where you can go in, but you can never escape; a white hole is a place where you can leave, but you can never go back”.

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While a significant number of black holes have been detected, scientists are yet to find a white hole. Many scientists believe it is nothing but a theoretical concept straight out of science fiction.

fictional concept or reality
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Most black holes forms when super massive stars collapse in a supernova explosion. However, it has been suggested that a black hole ends its life by transforming to a white hole. But, as it is said time and again, nothing can defy the laws of physics. Hence, the existence of white holes is a clear violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Surprisingly, a speculation has been made that, a white hole exists at the other end of a black hole. Therefore, the matter and information swallowed by the black hole is ejected into an alternative universe by the oppositely placed white hole. It has been said that in some special cases, a wormhole rather than connecting two points in space, could connect two points in time. Therefore, a body which falls into a black hole travels through a wormhole, is ejected by the white hole, and finally, lands up in another region of space or time! Such a concept forms the foundation of any time-travel information. Even though the idea of white holes is just theoretical for now, it may not be for too long.

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White holes may or may not exist. But this does not signify that we should stop queries, wonder about, and try to unravel the mysteries behind them.

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