8 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas That Will Awestruck Your Guests

One thing that the pandemic did was start the trend of intimate weddings. Before, intimate weddings were rare, but now they are trending, and we love them. An intimate wedding has many benefits like saving money and giving more attention to every guest at the party. Another benefit is decorating the place yourself. Sure, you can get an interior decorator for the wedding, but you can also add a personal touch by including some DIY decorations of your own. Not only does it make the wedding an intimate affair for you, but you also get to destress as making the decoration and placing them perfectly helps you destress and calm down. You can do this for your wedding or for someone else who is quite close to you.

Here are a few ideas on DIY wedding décor.

1. Have personalized tags for your chair

You and your partner must have some cute and quirky names for each other. Why not use that to make cute and personalized tags. You can put them on chairs, designate them to each other, and even use them in other décor places. Even for your rehearsal dinner, these tags can work impeccably, and also they are a lot of fun.

2. Place a wooden arch with flowers.

A wooden arch with mesmerizing flowers is a perfect decorative piece where you can have your nuptials. They even make for a great photo background. You can make it special by making flower arrangements yourself. You can learn flower arrangement quickly and make beautiful pieces which you can place at the top of the wooden arch and even two similar pieces on the pillars. It makes for an incredible DIY wedding décor with a hint of personalization. You can choose all the flowers which you and your partner love to make it extra special.

3. Bikes showcasing seasonal blooms for the entrance

Make the entrance of your wedding venue fun and Instagram-worthy with this DIY idea. Get a vintage bicycle and add whimsical and seasonal blooms and herbs to the basket. Let the blooms and lush greenery overflow from the basket, and you can also add a little board with the names of the groom and bride and their hashtag. It will make for a perfect wedding entry.

4. Make flower crowns

The children at your wedding will need flowery crowns, and you can make them and give your touch to the wedding. The tiny attendants at your wedding will need a few floral crowns, which you can make using a daisy chain or elegant flowers. Use organic dried flowers or ferns or fresh green flowers to make the crowns for your bridal party, and they will all surely remember it for a long time.

5. A personalized arch with names and hashtags

An arch is necessary at your wedding, and wooden arcs are perfect. Usually, they have curtains or floral arrangements. But you can also personalize it by adding customized names and hashtags. Make a wedding hashtag to use for photos or on your website. Also, if you have quirky names for each other, you can add that along with the hashtag to personalize the wedding arch.

6. Create a crafty wagon

Your wedding will surely have some tiny tots. If they are part of the wedding party, it can get challenging for all and the kids. So, create a wagon that is just for them, and they can use it to travel down the aisle and have fun. Get crafty with it by using paints or flowers, or signs. If it’s your wedding, you can make it fun for the kids and special for you and your partner.

7. Wedding baskets

Another décor idea is to have a wedding basket. You can get rustic baskets and put many things together in them. Use it for decoration or make the bridal party carry them.

8. Mason jar flowers

For an intimate wedding at home, you can have a big table where everyone sits and eat. To give it a decorative touch, add mason jars with flowers that you can make and add them to your table. It will be a perfect table with happy faces.

Aren’t these wedding décor ideas awesome? They are simple yet classy and beautiful, which will make your wedding day even more unique and special. Do try these out for your or anyone you know for a memorable intimate wedding.

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