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10 Popular Myths About Diet

What according to you does the term ‘Diet’ mean? Do you adhere to your definition of a diet in your everyday lifestyle?

A diet is a strategically planned food chart created based on your desired goals, including losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is a self-induced restricted course of the food plan that one adheres to attain personal or medical objectives.

There are several different types of diet based on personal needs and goals to achieve:

  1. Paleo diet
  2. Ketogenic diet
  3. Vegan diet
  4. Atkins diet
  5. Weight watchers diet
  6. Low carbs diet
  7. Dunkan diet
  8. Mediterranean diet
  9. Blood type diet
  10. Intermittent fasting

The term diet is associated with various popular myths based on false beliefs without aiding it with factual information. It is prominently well spread amongst the masses, open to misinterpretation. Some of the myths are as follows:

10 Popular Myths About Diet

1. The more firm the diet, the more weight you lose

Fact: This is a popular belief amongst the people who are either newly introduced to the concept of diet or are a loyal practitioner of it. These people often misinterpret the intention of a diet of only being a source of weight loss. These people belong to the group that thinks a diet is a major element that boosts weight loss. However, it is false, as a diet is a meal that balances the nutritional properties you consume and restricting the unhealthy fats and carbs?

2. Counting calories is necessary for the weight loss program

Fact: This conscious attempt of monitoring every little aspect of your deal puts your body under stress which causes more intake of food than the calories required. It is rather advised to adhere to intuitive eating which keeps the stress levels at bay and promotes a positive intake of food with a balance in the calorie intake without making obvious forceful attempts.  

3. You could have your fav meals if you purge the guilt about it later during the day or week

Fact: This is a belief that is unhealthy and strenuous for the body to Indulge in. People with this mindset do not show good signs of living a healthy lifestyle as their primary focus lies in the fantasy of eating all you want throughout the week and releasing the guilt during the weekend. It develops an unhealthy cycle of eating habits and physical activity that brings the body to a state of the plateau there you show no sign of any changes.

4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Fact: It is often believed that eating breakfast is the most important meal for the day. It is highly untrue, as it is given through a study that breakfast has little to do with weight loss. It doesn’t matter as much as you think if you have breakfast or not, it would have zero to none effects on the weight loss process. It is rather important to what when hungry and stops when satisfied to facilitate weight loss.

5. No food consumption after 7 pm

Fact: The reason for not consuming anything after 7 pm or rather to say after your dinner is that the choice of food consumed after that is if high-calorie intake. Eating something that is high in calories right before sleeping tamper’s with the sleeping pattern also gives easy access for the body to accept the fats and gain weight.

6. Ban on your fav rather unhealthy meals

Fact: Though it is true that restriction on calories helps lose weight, there is no as such a complete ban on the consumption of your favorite sugary foods, however, it could be even considered as part of your diet plan. It is often advised to give in to the craving of your sugary foods with a firm track on the proportion that you consume.

7. Drinking lots of water would make you lose weight faster

Fact: This myth is partially true as it is a given that drinking water does help facilitate the process of weight loss. But it cannot be the only or major source for weight loss. Because to maintain a diet that enhances weight loss also infers the consumption of essential nutrients necessary to balance the fat loss with other vital minerals, fibers, antioxidants. Hence, even though water plays a role in facilitating weight loss it doesn’t have a major hand in it.

8. Carbs are the reason for your unhealthy weight gain

Fact: it is important to have knowledge about good and bad carbs before forming an opinion about it. Though it is true that bad carbs are the ones that are highly unhealthy for the body such as starchy vegetables, fried food, baked goods, etc. It is beneficial if a diet with low carbs and high protein is maintained to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

9. Diet food is bland and tasteless

Fact: It is a popular misconception that a diet meal all about boiled food which is void of any taste and is bland without any flavors. This is false as diet food refers to a meal that includes all the important ingredients which also includes spices and herbs that enhance towards attaining a healthy lifestyle.

10. A diet is considered only when wishing for weight loss

Fact: People often misunderstand that a diet is considered only when a person is adapting to the idea of losing weight. It is partially true as people do adhere to a first for weight loss BUT it is not the only purpose. A diet is a major source for aspiring the idea of sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are more than likely a number of misconceptions prevailing around the concept of a diet. It is our own obligation to verify the facts before believing in it or passing it forward. It is important to question the relevance of it, the source from where it has been stated, and what proof is it backed by to have such a belief. Therefore, let’s be more informed about the term diet and the importance and benefits that it has to offer to the human body and attaining a healthier lifestyle.

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