Kinnari Ashar

A cricket fan, hustler, and a biomedical engineer. Making at the junction of aesthetics and elegance to craft meaningful ideas that endure. Working at the fulcrum of beauty and sustainability to save the world from a bad design.
  • Fashioncolor of your lipstick

    10 Amazing Facts about the Color of Your Lipstick

    Lipsticks are one such makeup product that all women swear by. Of course, who doesn’t love to wear something that instantly glams up the entire look? Sometimes when you look at someone, they tend to say a lot about themselves. But have you ever thought about what the color of lipstick can say about your personality? Interesting right? Keep reading…

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  • 11 Secrets About Rice Water That will Blow your Mind

    Korean women are known for their beautiful flawless skin. Have you ever wondered how do they achieve that? It’s all because of the magical beauty ingredient rice water! Rice water has been used by these women since ancient times to enhance their beauty and get crystal clear white skin. Want to know some rice water secrets? Keep reading! Rice water…

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  • Fashiondetermine your skin undertone

    How to Determine Your Skin Undertone Easily?

    Who doesn’t love makeup? It has been found that almost 8 out of 10 women love makeup and wear it every day. But, not all are aware of the correct shades of their makeup. Enhancing your beauty inculcates knowing your perfect skin undertones in order to look flawless. Hundreds of makeup brands have thousands of makeup products to choose from.…

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  • FactsPersonality is determined by your pets

    How Your Personality Is Determined By Your Pets

    Having a pet is so much fun and beneficial. You are never alone and always have them around. You always have their company and can take them with you wherever you go.  But do you know your choice of pet reveals a lot about your personality? A few scientists have investigated this and found that it does say much about…

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