Would You Like To Gift Someone Real Shit? Use Poop Sender.

Now, this is incredibly YUCK!

You may have come across a variety of magnificent gifts in a shop or online website. But how would it be like to gift someone really awkward and annoying thing? Well, now you can actually deliver someone nasty and stinkiest item to a friend as a comical gesture or merely to irritate an enemy. Moreover, along with many weird things on the internet, Poop Sender (poopsender.com) can help you to deliver the real poop to your friends and enemies.

What is Poop Sender?

Just like any other online shopping website, Poop Sender workers online to satisfy its customers with exceptional dignity since 2007. However, the only difference is in the type of products. As the name suggests, it is just mean to deliver poops of different animals. That’s right. With the motive of creating a fun and entertaining environment, the website is not involved in the business intentionally or to hurt someone.

Do they deliver real shit?

Only the person who packs the stuff can answer this question as nobody wants to know how they manage everything. However, the website claims that crazy scientists actually go to the zoo or local dairy farms to collect the real thing. But, according to people around the world who have enjoyed the service, it is true that they deliver the authentic, nasty, stinky and putrid poop.

More things to know about PoopSender

The charges of the stuff you order depending on the size of the order, and it takes 5-7 days to deliver the shit to the receiver’s door. Significantly, whatever the website does, it is an entirely legal process. It promises to send the non-hazardous product.
Furthermore, it keeps the sender’s identity entirely confidential as it may offend the receiver sometimes. One may confirm the delivery, but rest remains hidden from the receiver.

With such weird thing happening on the internet, it becomes quite awkward to access such thing. No matter what, it is a unique thing that can be used to mock anybody by keeping your identity hidden. So, try to send someone the real shit.

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