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    Here’s everything you need to know about African-Indians: The Siddis

    Descendants of merchants, sailors and slaves from South East Africa, Siddis are an ethnic group settled in India, Pakistan and Srilanka.  They are believed to be descendants of the Bantu people of East Africa. Around the 13th century, they were first brought to India as slaves by the Arabs, and then the Portuguese and finally by the British. Many worked as labourers,…

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  • FactsJonah Complex

    Are You Afraid to succeed: The Jonah Complex

    Are You Afraid To Succeed: The Jonah Complex Via- The Impact Self-Actualization Via- Pinnacle of Man According to Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, every man is capable of achieving excellence and greatness in his lifetime. He called this phenomenon as self-actualization. A self-actualized individual is a creative person with several peak experiences and an achievement of great worth. It also signifies…

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  • FactsBound Feet

    What Do You Know About The Bound Feet?

    What Do You Know About The Bound Feet? Via- Hand Across The Sea Samplers   History Via- Nobody really knows the exact period when it all began in China. Though famously it is believed that foot-binding was inspired by a tenth-century concubine, a dancer named Yao Niang, who bound her feet into a hoof-like shape. The story goes that…

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