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This Year, Combat The Scorching Summer Heat With Peppermint Oil

Now that the scornful summers are upon us, and we are totally at the mercy of soaring temperatures that are never soon to plummet, it is high time that we find alternatives to shield ourselves from the harmful effects of the Sun. One such miracle shield is the Peppermint oil! Yes, you heard that right! Peppermint is the hybrid of spearmint and water mint, giving you the best of both worlds!

I call it the miracle shield or oil because it has more uses for your body than you could have ever imagined! It is a unique blend of essential enzymes that help cool, soothe, and cure any ailments- be it internal or external. With summers come the never-ending sweaty situations, that become the breeding ground for thousands and millions of bacteria on our skin. Surprisingly, Peppermint oil also possesses antibacterial properties that could totally take care of your skin woes.

I do understand and agree though that organic Peppermint oil might feel a bit heavy on your pockets, but a small investment can go a long way. Also, after reading about the miraculous properties and uses of Peppermint oil, you would definitely want to stock some for yourself! Imagine, one teenie-tiny bottle of this oil could become the answer to your entire body’s ailments with just 2-3 drops! Read on the following remedies and thank me later!

Rescue Your Skin From The Summer Heat With Peppermint Oil

Use Peppermint oil topically on affected areas, if you have been sunburnt or have been out in the sun for too long. The cooling and soothing properties of this oil will take care of your sunburn and instantly provide you the requisite relief. Even if you haven’t been out, but generally due to real warm afternoons, if you feel like you need to pucker up your skin, just dab a tiny amount of the oil all over your face and you will see how your skin will thank you in no time!

Enjoy Your Holidays Even More With Peppermint Oil

Summers undoubtedly call for adventurous holidays, but more often than not, because of weather or travel sicknesses, our vacations don’t go as planned. Keep the bottle of Peppermint oil handy and keep bad vacations at bay! Just directly gulp down a few drops of Peppermint oil and it will drive away your road-sickness, air-sickness, water-sickness, headache, or fatigue- whatever it is that is keeping you from having a good time!

Peppermint Oil Makes Adventures A Little More Amazing

Speaking of adventures, if you do plan on going camping or trekking this summer, then Peppermint oil will be your best friend! Ask why? Because the soothing and curing property of Peppermint oil will immediately be at your rescue. When you are suffering from a sprain or muscle pain, rub the oil over the affected areas. The Peppermint oil could easily double a Relispray! Also if you don’t have the facility to brush your whites in the morning, just add some Peppermint oil to water and use it as Listerine to avoid that bad breath.

Mouth-watering Drinks Turn All The More Delicious With Peppermint Oil

Make those multiple rounds of afternoon cuppa Joe or tea more interesting all while making them soothing and cooling for your stomach by adding a few drops of Peppermint oil. Since the oil is meant to soothe, cool and cure, it internally purifies your system; while its unique taste just adds some flavor to your drink. You could also add the oil to your lemonade if that’s your summer poison. No better way to refresh yourself!

Add Peppermint Oil In Your Workout Routine And Get The Perfect Summer Body

We all just absolutely love to appreciate on beaches during summers while sipping on some yummy sangrias while taking envy-inspiring selfies, don’t you find? And though most of us would be happy in shorts and tees at the beach, young lasses like I would love to adorn some vibrant bikinis! But cmon, who are we kidding? Wearing bikinis means having a bikini bod! Fret not though, because Peppermint oil will help you get there. How? The answer will be by taking a few drops of the oil just before you work out. Or add it to the water you drink while working out. Also for that perfect Kylie Jenner-selfie pout, just dap on some oil to your lips and see them plump in seconds getting you ready for a sultry snap!

Keep Your Head Cool And Hair Healthy With A Little Peppermint Oil

Apply the Peppermint oil to your scalp and massage it well. This will not only help in giving you some gorgeous long tresses, but will also cure you of any headaches from being out in the sun for too long, or any stresses dancing in your mind due to the therapeutic properties of this oil. Merely by inhaling this viscousliquid, you could wash yourself of all the stressors that you have encountered throughout the day.

Pamper Your Skin Easily With Some Peppermint Oil

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While summer is one of the most beautiful seasons that we have, the need to have a hygienic skin routine at all times during summers is paramount, because of the bacteria that multiply at speed levels- causing skin infections.

Especially for acne-prone skin, the skin-care regime is no less exhausting than that of the military. Well, my only advice to these kinds of problems would be to switch to natural and ditch absolutely anything with even a hint of chemicals.

If you do plan to take my advice then you will see how benevolent the Peppermint oil really is. To cleanse your skin of all the dust through the day, mix Peppermint oil and Neem oil in a ratio of 1:3, and pour it over a cotton ball to later use it as a cleansing pad. The antibacterial and cooling property of the Peppermint oil will ensure that your skin is clean and soothed from the sun, while the Neem oil will help remove the dirt and cure your skin.

For that quintessential beauty sleep, mix Peppermint oil with Lavender oil in equal amount, and just gently apply it all over your face before going to bed with the help of a cotton ball. While the cooling effect of Peppermint oil will help you relax, the soothing effect of Lavender oil will help you sleep better, resulting in faster collagen production.

However, if you do not wish to invest in the other aforementioned oils, you can simply use the Peppermint oil by itself and you’re good to go. But, do make it a point to buy organic only!

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