5 Simple Tricks Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

I know I’m just in my twenties and I’m not supposed to worry about aging at all. But I’m only human and this cringe-worthy centuries-old question does haunt me all the time; maybe because I’m absolutely obsessed with my appearance. But then again, who isn’t? Only some people would openly admit it; while a few others would discreetly adore themselves in the mirrors when no one’s watching. Such is human nature and there’s no denying that. The only difference is that some people would start getting paranoid over their aging appearance early in their twenties, while others would be struck by that paranoia much later in life.

Well sooner or later, if you do ever feel like those wrinkles happily sitting on your cheeks, or the crows feet at the edge of your eyes are stealing your thunder, then this article will certainly be at your rescue. But before I start my incessant banter about how to outdo your body’s aging mechanisms; let me tell you that after much trying, testing, and researching I have realized that there is nothing wrong with aging. It’s just a beautiful process if you embrace it the right way. And also that doing the following things consistently and persistently is paramount to looking bomb even though you’re rapidly heading towards your fifties. With that being said, let’s start decoding the Holy Grail to immortality!

5 Simple Tricks Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

1. The right state of mind

Yes! You heard that right. Contrary to what a lot of people would have themselves believe, aging or staying young is merely a state of mind. Also, understand this undeniable truth that whatever is in your mind will have a direct effect on your body.

Feeling younger is the first step towards looking younger. Be perfunctory in whatever you do, and have a child-like enthusiasm towards everything. Naturally and gradually, your facial features will alter, and you won’t know why, but you will just look younger! It’s like nothing would have changed but everything would have! In doing so, you will also ward off the stress that encumbers you every day- be it about your work or personal life. A positive attitude towards life is the key to a younger and fitter physical self.

In order to achieve any semblance to a balanced mind, meditate and practice mindfulness! I could never overemphasize the importance of meditation and mindfulness. Though every human must meditate as per their unique patterns, it is a requisite to looking and feeling younger. Whereas, mindfulness is a practice that will not only make you look youthful but also bring about a huge change in all areas of your life.

Mindfulness means to be fully present in the moment. In a world where we constantly gauge the details of what’s to come next, or happily indulge in wishful thinking, mindfulness is the perfect antidote. I know it is easier said than done but even one small step towards it will do wonders. So, just take five minutes out of your busy lives and practice these jewels, they will go a long way! And don’t forget to teach your kids, too!

2. Drink enough fluids

Remember how we all loved our skin as children because it was simply flawless? That’s because we would innocently chug down tons of water because our mothers would make us! Well, asking you to drink enough water would be a clichéd thing to do. So, instead, I’m going to tell you to drink enough fluids to keep your skin subtle and hydrated! That would include anything from soy milk to coconut water. I mean I had to mention coconut water. It’s an impeccable drink for these scorching summers as well as looking youthful since it’s a rich source of essential vitamins for that flawless skin.

Soymilk, on the other hand, is a rich source of protein and Omega-3, which orchestrates faster collagen building to avoid wrinkles. Apart from these, any decoctions (non-alcoholic, of course) loaded with natural goodness and anti-oxidants will do the trick too.

I say this because I tried drinking 8 full glasses of water every day, but honestly, I just got bored of it. So to trick my mind into consuming water more often I then switched to vitamin-water, freshly pressed fruit, and vegetable juices, lemonade, rooibos, and green tea with honey, home-made ginger ale, coconut water, unsweetened soy milk, et al. And I was unstoppable! However, try to avoid a lot of sugar content in them. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good.

3. Eat smart and exercise

I know this advice is too passé, but it is just the way it is! If you are like me who would conveniently skip gym class and gorge on some yummy junk food instead, then here’s a big hi-5 to you! But I’ve got to tell you that altering my eating habits by just an inch has improved my life in more than one way!

I’m not asking you to dramatically turn around your eating schedule or choices and completely ditch that junk, but just find a balance between the two. To elaborate more on this, I suggest that if you are bingeing junk at 100%, then try to cut it down to 80%. Let a portion of salads, seeds, and nuts permeate in your diet.

What will happen is that your skin will get the right amount of essential oils that are required to keep those wrinkles at bay while maintaining its elasticity. Also, if you are an alcohol lover, then try to replace your poison with a little bit of red wine. It does wonders for your skin.

As for exercising, you don’t have to have a full-blown workout schedule. But just traipsing down the street for 30 minutes or joining interesting dance lessons will refresh you. They will not only cut down your stress levels, help you make new acquaintances or learn something new, but also improve your blood circulation, which is so necessary for that youthful skin.

4. The beauty sleep

Ah yes! Yet another timeworn advice, you must think. But it is called ‘beauty’ sleep for a reason! Though all our biological clocks work differently, sleep is a miracle catalyst for gifting you that juvenile appearance. If you were to closely examine your sleeping schedule, you might realize that lack of sleep might be the only thing standing in between of you and that radiant glow.

When you sleep well, the production of collagen increases that otherwise decreases with age, resulting in fine lines and dull skin. Collagen is what retains the youthful appearance of your skin. At least that’s what I concluded when I sat to deconstruct the root of my problem. When I fixed my sleeping schedule from 10 pm to 6 am (8-hrs) for a month and religiously followed it, I was truly surprised by the results at the end of the month.

My skin not only looked younger and radiant, I also felt more energetic and totally ready to take on the world!

P.S: I also stopped craving for junk foods and midnight snacks that earlier I couldn’t pass a day without. It’s an absolute win-win!

5. Choose the right makeup and build a proper beauty regime

It might seem like a lot of work and also a pretty unusual advice, as others would suggest you steer clear of anything with chemicals to achieve that youthful skin. And they’re not wrong, only different.

In my opinion, a little make-up goes a long way in transforming you. Today, in most metropolitan cities, we fall prey to way too much pollution and sun exposure than necessary. Also, these days many work environments require women to at least wear basic makeup. Thus, you can make cosmetics your best friend rather than the enemy if you choose your products correctly. Here’s how!

First of all, outgrow the taboo that make-up ruins your skin. If chosen correctly, it can actually benefit your skin more than damage it,  because thanks to technological advancements, our make-up has become much more skin-friendly and safer to use than it was a few years back.

Secondly, always invest in good beauty brands products. They might appear to be an investment, but trust me, you will thank me later.

Thirdly, follow the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regimen twice a day. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes!

Lastly, always wear a lightweight foundation, as it will provide a good SPF and also work as a shield against pollution. Also while choosing your base; always choose one shade lighter than your skin for a younger radiant appearance. Other cosmetics can be used as per your preferences, but make sure to keep them minimal else they will make you look older. Additionally consulting your hairstylist and choosing a lighter hair color can also make a hell of a difference!

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