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    7 Indoor Games to Combat Boredom and Have Fun With

    What’s most memorable from when you were a kid? Family trips, get-togethers or probably the fact that slipping out of a situation was easier back then. But one thing which is common for most of the ’90s kids and millennials is indoor games played with friends and family. Today, losing a P.U.B.G match might bring down your rank but back…

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  • Factsabbreviations

    20 Abbreviations Full Form we Never knew About

    An abbreviation is a short form, which is used to substitute a bigger word. 20 Abbreviations Full Form we Never knew About 1. MRF For instance, MRF, the logo that we used to see in Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s Bat, Stands for Madras Rubber Factory. But MRF is not something we use daily. There are many abbreviations that we use…

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