• Lifestyleways to change your mindset

    Top 30 Ways To Change Your Mindset

    Changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset may seem daunting, but anyone can do it by taking baby steps. Thinking about it is a tiny win in itself. Better things await you! So here are the top 30 ways to change your mindset: 1. See challenges as opportunities. Welcome challenges and if you want to achieve something, know…

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  • Lifestyle

    13 Ways Communication Skills Help Your Career

    Communication is a tool that helps us connect with everyone. Whether you are a student or a working professional, good communication is something that will connect you much further on. Proper communication helps to solve a variety of problems and solve problems. For this, you need to be able to communicate well. Communication is not only essential; it is the…

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  • FactsWattpad writing: tips and tricks

    7 Useful Tips To Become A Recognized Wattpad Writer

    Wattpad is a website as well as an app for readers to read free books and also for writers to publish their works. It’s a completely free app all we need to do is register. The main aim of Wattpad is, to create social communities through stories for both amateur and expert writers. It has a total of 80 million…

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  • Facts

    4 Words That Can Help Unlock Your Feelings Better

    Our lives are all about words. Words connect different human lives and impart meaning to them. Whenever we pick up a dictionary, we find so many words to describe ourselves, personally and emotionally. However, sometimes those words aren’t enough to connect with us. They may not emotionally appeal to us. Often, we find ourselves in situations when we want to…

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  • 12 Interesting Pigeon Facts that you will ever come across

    Have you ever felt the desire to shoo a pigeon away as soon as you see it? Well, you aren’t alone! Pigeons, the brainless birds are pretty much hated across the world. But, the bird lovers love them. Do you know why? Research suggests that humans have a stereotypical bad image of pigeons. They think pigeons are stupid. But, there’s…

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