Give Your Boring Platter An Interesting Twist

Take your taste buds on an epicurean journey with these recipes.

1. Mini Buckwheat Tostadas

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Ingredients: Whisky 12gram buckwheat flour, 10gram rock salt, and 15gram baking powder together in a mixing bowl.

Mix it with your fingers until the flour resembles cornmeal. Add some water and mix until the dough comes together. Divide the dough into small equal pieces. Preheat the fryer and fry the small Rotis until they are crispy. Before consuming, garnish them with toppings of your choice like onions, tomatoes, etc.

2. Dry Fruit Chaat

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Place a spoonful of oil in a pan and roast 5 grams of peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashew nuts.  Allow it to cool down.

Add 2-3gms of rock salt, red pepper, chat masala and meethi chutney. Mix them well. Your dry chart is ready.

3. Raw Banana and Paneer Tikki

Mix 150gm mashed Kacha Kela with 30grams of boiled and mashed potatoes.

Grate 30gram Paneer on the side and then mix it with 5gm green chillies and make a paste of it. Mix this paste with the kacha kela mixture. Add 5gm chopped coriander and season it with salt. Make small Tikki size Patties from the mixture and shallow fry it in desi ghee to get a nice brown colour on both the sides.

4. Kuttu Papdi and Raw Banana Chaat

For Papdi, kneed 100gm kuttu Atta with 3gram sendha namak, water and 15grams ghee. Make flat patties out of the dough, the same size as the papdi and deep fry them until you get a crisp texture.

On the platter, add 30grams of hand-mashed boiled potatoes and kuttu papdi. Top it with 200grams sweet curd and 15grams tamarind and coriander chutney. Finally, garnish it with 5gram pomegranate and chopped coriander.

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