• Everything There Is To Know About Coincidences

    There is a strange, unexplainable phenomenon that plagues the stock market. It’s called the ‘Ting Hai Effect’. There is a huge and a very sudden drop in the stock market whenever a film or tv series starring Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng is released. If this is the strangest thing you have ever heard, you are not alone. It may…

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  • Factsweirdest things

    Weirdest Things Found By Airport Security

    We all know the strictness of airport security and their well-established work. However, some people fail to grasp just how serious this is. We have made a list of the craziest, weirdest things people tried to smuggle through borders which were caught by the airport security. 10. Dead snakes via In 2007, a man coming from South Korea checked…

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  • 9 Bizarre Marriage Customs from Around the World

    Marriages are such a happy occasion. Though there are several cultures with traditions so bizarre, it makes us wonder who came up with them. Here we have listed a few. 9 Bizarre Marriage Customs from Around the World 1. Kumbh Vivah | India In India, women born with a specific astrological sign due to the position of Mars,  are forced…

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  • FactsBizarre laws from around the world

    8 Bizarre Laws From Around The World

    What if you visit a country in order to enjoy a vacation and are put behind bars or fined a hefty amount for something you don’t even consider a ‘crime’? Yes, you may be punished for the weirdest and the absurd reasons that you may have never thought of! Here are some most bizarre laws from countries around the world…

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  • Facts

    The Most Unusual Pizza Toppings You Will Ever See

    Pizzas are one of the most delectable and mouthwatering dishes ever made in the history of food. The word Pizza is enough to make you feel appetizing and crave for it. This savory tempting dish can tickle your taste buds to a whole new level. via – Pizza is the most delightful experience one can have to get over…

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