10 Types Of Jinns: Fascinating And Mysterious Entities

Jinn (Arabic), romanized and anglicized as djinn and genies, are considered spirits or demons are supernatural creatures that existed in the pre-Islamic and the later Islamic mythology and theology. According to Islamic theology, the jinn is an invisible entity who roamed the world even before Adam, the first human, was created. God created jinns out of a mixture of fire or smokeless fire. 

The word ‘Jinn’ automatically makes us think about the Jinn in Aladdin, who stays in a magical lamp and grants three wishes of his master. Well, that’s not the case here; there are various types of Jinns in Islamic mythology and trust me, they do not grant you three wishes. Read throughout the article to find out different types of Jinns and what they do!

10 Types Of Jinns: Fascinating And Mysterious Entities

1. Marid

Source- Geetha Prodhom

According to Arabic folklore and mythology, Marid is the most powerful tribe of Jinn with great powers. They’re the classic genies that we see in movies like Aladdin and are often associated with water. Marid can change their shape and are said to have a lot of pride. Marid’s are usually depicted with hands folded with a barrel chest. They can fulfill the wishes of the mortals by a deal of flattery or battles, imprisonment, rituals. The giant fish: Bahamut of type Quaran Is an example of a non-humanoid form of Marid.

2. ‘Ifrit,

Source- Zedge

‘Ifrit is mentioned only once in the Quran. In Islam, the term ‘Ifrit is always followed by the reference to a djinni who fetched the throne of the Queen of Sheba at the command of King Solomon. They are mighty, cunning and emerge out of the smoke from the ground. They form into large winged demon creatures who bleed fire, and either is a female or male. They belong to the underworld, which is where the evildoers go for their punishment. Humans can use magic to enslave or capture them.

3. Ghouls

Source- Line

Ghouls are shapeshifting Jinns that haunt the cemeteries. They’re flesh-eating and blood-drinking creatures that feed on the flesh of human beings. Their targets are travelers, children, or the corpse stolen from the graves. Many types of Ghouls, like the female ghoul known as Ghula, which is the most feared type and appears as beautiful women to lure men. 

Ghouls are nocturnal creatures and inhabited the graveyards, ruins, and most of the lonely places. They are at times described as dead humans who are asleep for a long time and then suddenly wake up one day and feed on the living and the dead. 

4. Si’lat

Source- Jinn Fandom

Si’lat’s are the experts of shapeshifting and can take on the form of beautiful women to lure men and have intercourse with them and procreate with them. These are akin to the succubus, but the Si’lat isn’t always around doing evil things, sometimes they do a bit of good.

5. Shiqq 

Source: Wikimedia

Shiqq is considered the lower form of jinn and a half creature who goes after travelers who don’t pay much attention. The scary thing is that Shiqq can procreate with human beings.

6. Nasnas

Source- Art Station

Nasnas is another form of a weak Djinn. They are hybrids and are half-human and half animal-like creatures. They are the offsprings of Shiqq who can procreate with humans. It is believed that they could kill a person just by a single touch, making him fleshless in mere seconds.

7. Palis 

Source- Wikipedia

Palis are vampiric foot lickers that are found in the desert. According to the legends, they have low intelligence levels. They attack people when they’re sleeping, draining their blood by licking the bottom of their feet. They can be fooled just by covering the bottoms of your feet while one sleeps. 

8. Hinn 

Source- Pinterest

Hinn is close to animals, especially dogs. According to the legend, it is said that the Hinn are sighted in Arabia, Persia, and India.

9. Jann 

Source- DCMP

Jann is a shapeshifter who lives in the desert and takes the forms of whirlwinds and white camels. They’re pretty open-minded when it comes to humans and were the first ones whom jinns whom humans encountered. They have the power to hide or reveal an oasis in the desert, and this all depends on whether or not they like a particular traveler. The Jann is also the enemy of the Ghoul. Throughout history, the Jann have protected the army that they have considered righteous while stopping those who are unworthy.

10. Shaitan

Source- Its South Asian

Shaitan is known as the devil or Iblīs. According to the Islamic Theology Iblīs, the Jinn refused to bow to Adam. A devil has the powers to only cast evil suggestions into the chests of the men, women, and jinns. A shaitan is a defiant, malevolent jinn who is associated with evil forces.

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