What Is Déjà vu? Why Does It Occur?

I think I have been here before. Why do I feel like I have done this earlier? Ugh…What is happening to me?

Ever experienced this? When you visit someplace or do something for the first time but feel like you have already been there or done that before. If you have ever had this feeling before— it is Déjà vu.

It is a French word meaning ‘already seen’ and refers to a condition where you feel similar to certain situations, even though you have been in that situation for the first time.

How Common Is It?

According to various studies, almost two-thirds of the population has experienced this phenomenon. And an interesting fact about it is that many people don’t even realize that they just experienced this phenomenon.

Why Does It Occur?

While it is a widespread phenomenon, it remains a mystery as to why déjà vu occurs. There are various misunderstandings related to it, maybe because it is hard to be studied in a laboratory.

Some people think that it’s a sign. A sign that a person has recalled an experience from a past life. Strange, right?

The exact reason is still not known. Moreover, the condition gets over as soon as it occurs. So many times, people don’t even realize it. But there are certain theories put forward. Let’s see what they are:

A Healthy Head. Do You Have It?

Many believe that déjà vu is a sign that the brain is in the right condition. The memory system of one’s brain is working well. And misremembering events will not be a thing anymore.

Studies reveal that healthy brains can experience it. It has got nothing to do with any illness. So, if you have ever experienced this condition, relax!

Some Minor Malfunctioning Of The Brain

Theories suggest that it is something like electrical malfunctioning. Usually, the part of our brain that tracks the present situation and the part known to recall memory; both work together.

While some believe that when short-term memory takes the path to long-term memory storage, this happens.

 A Parallel Universe. Really?

One of the theories put forward suggests that it has to do with a parallel universe. For those who don’t know, a parallel universe is a hypothetical concept. It suggests that there are alternate universes that exist in the world. So, a million versions of us exist. And this condition takes place when our real world’s frequency matches the frequency of the parallel worlds.

This however, seems uncertain. Doesn’t it?

A Sign Of Epilepsy!

For those who don’t know, epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder. A disorder in which one can experience unusual brain activity, sensations, etc.

Many findings have found that those who suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy can experience déjà vu just before a seizure.

A Sign Of Tiredness

People aged 15-25 are more likely to experience this. Maybe because this sensation more likely happens to those who have to travel a lot (going to college etc.). So, the ones who are exhausted, tired and stressed might experience this more often. One more thing which can be added is stress or fatigue is somewhat related to memory.


More or less, déjà vu is somewhat a hypothetical concept. When, why, how is still a mystery and an enigma for all of us. We don’t know if the theories are true to some extent. But one thing is for sure that it is not harmful. Not until someone experiences it frequently and continuously. In that case, seeing a doctor is best.

As of now, you will at least know what just happened next time your brain goes fuzzy because of this ‘already seen’ situation.

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