• FactsFailed Optimist

    Are You A Failed Optimist?

    ‘Have a positive attitude’ is often said regardless of the trouble. As stated by the self-help industry, it is a philosophical idea that ‘you can change anything by expecting positive results any given time’. Positive thinking is not easy when life is a mess, you need to fight every urge of doubts. Having no support makes it even harder, staying…

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  • FactsJonah Complex

    Are You Afraid to succeed: The Jonah Complex

    Are You Afraid To Succeed: The Jonah Complex Via- The Impact Self-Actualization Via- Pinnacle of Man According to Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, every man is capable of achieving excellence and greatness in his lifetime. He called this phenomenon as self-actualization. A self-actualized individual is a creative person with several peak experiences and an achievement of great worth. It also signifies…

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