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    Meditation: Key To Managing A Stressful Life

    If we can make just 1% of the population meditative, this world will be a different place. Sadhguru Have you ever wondered what stress is? Or does it exist? Try sitting where you want, leaving everything you are doing. There will be millions of thoughts coming to our minds. Slowly, you will realize there’s a slight frown on your forehead.…

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  • Health and WellnessImprove your mood - Start Journaling!

    4 Benefits of choosing Journalism

    Penning down your thoughts, ideas, and goals can boost your mood and reduce mental health risks like anxiety, stress, and depression. Journaling is not just an act of writing on a piece of paper but also a practice involving rational thinking. Every individual needs to have a healthy relationship with their mind, and one can achieve that with regular and…

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  • Health and Wellness

    5 Ways To Implement Mindfulness At Your Place

    While there has always been a lot of talk about the importance of maintaining peak physical health, it wasn’t until recently that our mental health and well-being got the same amount of attention. Nowadays, more and more people are doing their best to not only look good but actually feel good as well. And while it’s great that we’ve finally…

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  • 5 Simple Tricks Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

    I know I’m just in my twenties and I’m not supposed to worry about aging at all. But I’m only human and this cringe-worthy centuries-old question does haunt me all the time; maybe because I’m absolutely obsessed with my appearance. But then again, who isn’t? Only some people would openly admit it; while a few others would discreetly adore themselves…

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  • Health and Wellnesschoose the right meditation

    How To Choose The Right Meditation For Yourself?

    There are thousands of medications known all across the globe. So which one should you go for? How to choose the right meditation for you? You can’t pinpoint one meditation as being better than the other. You can choose the one which suits you best. However, the primary focus of each kind of meditation is to make you feel calmer…

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