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Gemstone Therapy Way To Wellness

Gemstone therapy or crystal therapy is used since centuries alongside other therapies to amplify the healing process. They are also associated with vibrational therapy as they are believed to carry energies that can have healing features. One easy use of gemstone is during meditation and visualization. Some of the awesome healing crystals are listed below.

1. Moonstone

This stone soothes overflowing emotions and creates a balance. Undesired emotions lead to guilt and require great control, this stone gives you the energy required to control these emotions instead of repressing or expressing them. It stone also symbolizes protection, peace, and great awareness. This can be used during the menstrual cycle to calm and bring harmony in physical and emotional aspects.

2. Lapis

Due to its color, it was considered a symbol of power and royalty. Ancient Egyptians believed them to be the color of god. Dyes prepared from grinding lapis were used for robes and garments of high priests and people of royal blood. It has mental and spiritual cleansing energy. They can be clubbed with other healing stones to get greater benefits. It is placed ideally on the third eye area indicating stability and power of the mind. This stone releases old memories to overcome them in the process of healing.

3. Bloodstone

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As the name itself suggests, it helps cleanse the blood and strengthen blood purifying organs: kidney, liver, and spleen. It helps in detoxification. Place it over the area of congestion or cleansing organs and experience its healing magic.

4. Sodalite


It’s used as a meditation stone as it helps communicate your inner feelings and develop inner sight. It clears the mind and elicits deep thought. It is good for those who are oversensitive and impulsive; it converts emotional to logical thinking. This can be placed on the third eye area or held during meditation.

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