This Dress Is Known For Being The World’s Longest Dress Ever

You may have come across so many beautiful and amazing dress but how about something weird yet beautiful? Out of so many fashion world records, this one is quite uneasy to digest. A bride in China took the responsibility to carry a wedding dress with world’s longest train. It is found to be exposed as world’s longest dress which is known for its record on 28th May 2017.

Previous record of Longest Dress

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Even though such fashion may seem anxious to be protected (Read on – Origin of fashion). But this is not a new thing. In 2012, a Romanian wedding salon designed the longest dress of the time. The dress was measured to be 1.85 miles long which could be stretched throughout the city of Bucharest.

Latest record of World’s Longest Dress

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After five years of the first record, Cui Yuanyuan took the responsibility to establish a new record. An Italian designer created a masterpiece, worn by a Chinese bride at her pre-wedding photo shoot. The dress has the longest train ever of about 3 miles. The train of the wedding dress was so long that it covered the entire field. There were 40 bridesmaid and some guards to protect the dress.

The Longest dress

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In Sanmenxia, China the Italian designer made a simple and elegant wedding dress. What makes it stand out of the other wedding dresses is its train which was 4680 meters long. The dress weighs around 120 pounds. It took a month to complete the dress with 22 people.

Strange but true, the dress was a magnificent example of where fashion can lead to. Even though it might be difficult for the bride to carry such masterpiece, still it was worth the show. The bride, Jing-Mei and the groom, Ye Yuan, made the fantasy of marriage come true with such memorable record. Know about more astonishing things happening around the world.

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