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    Mysterious Underwater City in Qiandao Lake Of China

    Facts About Qiandao Lake Qiandao Lake in China sure gives an aesthetically pleasing look to a naked eye. Though, one cannot envision what lies beneath the surface of this beautiful lake. Qiandao Lake is situated in Zhejiang province located in Chun’an County, 400 km south of Shanghai. The lake is spread over 573 km² under which the island part covers…

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    The Lands That Sank Into The Underwater

    Let us rewind the clock and delve in those days, To know the end of vast settlements. We retrace our steps in the sand of time, And unravel precious ornaments. The trails of war and glory and peace, The trails of our ancestors. The remnants of the golden age, And catastrophes and disasters. We search in all quarters Search in…

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