Korean Fashion Police To Restrict People From Fashion

People have always been considered about their looks and what they wear. What if someone will put restrictions on your dress up? Have you ever thought that there could be legal action taken against the length of your dress? Korea is a place that is found quite strict about the fashion with ‘Korean fashion police’. If you have thoughts about traveling in the country, just consider the length of your dress and hair otherwise, it could lead you to jail.

restrict people from fashion

What is there in the law?

Under the presidency of Park Chang Hee, father of the current president, came out with a law under which miniskirts were banned in South Korea. Long in the 1970s, women were not allowed to wear skirts shorter than the government-approved length. Indecent exposure in public is considered a severe offense. Ladies were to wander in the streets in trousers and jeans. The law was not only restricted to the fashion of Korean ladies but also considered men’s hair as important. All the men were not allowed to grow hair longer than a certain length. The law was made for such a thing because it was considered as something shameful, unimpressive, and causing discomfort in public.

korean fashion police law

Korean Fashion Police to keep an eye

Who was there to control all this? Under the dictatorship of such an impeded president, police used to roam in public with rulers to measure the length of skirts and hair. Not only this, they were allowed to cut hair on the spot, and anyone who would argue with them would be charged. These keepers of law are known as “Fashion Police”.

korean fashion police to keep an eye

The law was not only imposed on people in the 1970s but also restricted people from fashion today as well. The daughter of Park, Park Geunhye, has also observed such a thing as an offense. People wearing miniskirts can be charged 50,000 won as a fine. Fashion police still roam around in the city with a ruler to measure the length of the dresses. In the present scenario, so much has been confronted about. So, be careful what you wear while wandering around in Korean streets.

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